5 True Love Stories for Valentine’s Day

From unexpected encounters and love affairs with travel, to torrid affairs with beautiful, sought-after shoes and go-to beauty products, a few of our favorite bloggers share their love stories with us this Valentine’s Day.

Jen of Life with Levi – Facebook Official

fb-in-relationshipFor some couples, changing their Facebook status is an important part of falling in love. For us, it was something we kind of forgot about along the way. We were too busy falling in love with each other face-to-face. A few weeks before making our relationship Facebook official, I had posted my meet-the-boyfriend reader interview. Part of the mystery was, I wanted to make sure things were serious before “announcing” anything. Of course, our close friends & family already knew, but it was still fun to announce our relationship to the rest of the world. I imagine it’s kind of like how a girl in the ‘80s felt like when her boyfriend gave her his letter jacket to wear around campus.


Brittany of Clumps of Mascara – Hello Clari(sonic)

I met her about four years ago. Or maybe it was three. Details get fuzzy whenever I try to think back on our first meeting. You see, I was minding my own business, being all “whatever” about love. I didn’t want to hear anything about it. I was done. I was over it. I had already gone through a few conquests, failed miserably, and when I first met her I was just a bitter old lady who had given up.

And then I met Clari. Clari opened my eyes up in ways that I never knew possible. She boosted my self-confidence. She gave me something that I had lost. She is one of my truest loves and I will always adore her. I will always love you, dear Clarisonic.


Jaclyn of Jaclyns Jaunts – Long Time Loving

greeceI have been in love with travel for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried to remember the exact moment when I knew I was head over heels. Was it the first time I wondered around a new city alone? Or when I boarded a plane for the first time? Or when I was sailing on the Nile River? Maybe it was laying on a beach in Greece.

I have realized that I can’t pinpoint it. It snuck up on me and I am now smitten. I think about it all the time. I plot and plan and save. I fantasize about the next time we will meet.


Megan of For All Things Lovely – Give a Girl Shoes

One of my true loves as a fashion blogger is shoes. I typically choose shoes over just about anything else I purchase. There’s just something about a fancy pair of shoes that can turn your whole day around and leave you feeling fierce. You’ve heard the saying, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”? Every bone in my body believes that to be true. The Rock Stud Valentinos are definitely my dream shoes and hopefully, someday, I’ll be rocking a pair for Valentine’s Day.


Kelsey of Kelsey Bang – Ugly Sweater Love

silly-bearsJake and I met at an ugly sweater Christmas party. I had just bleached all my hair platinum blonde (but it was still super yellow) and I had a serious mullet! I mean a serious mullet—very short on the sides and long in the back. Yes, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Looking back, I am still so surprised Jake approached me at the party. We danced a little, he got my number, and then I ran away chasing after other boys. Jake and I actually never ended up hanging out until we ran into each other three years later. This time my hair wasn’t as bad. It was just super long and down to my buns.

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