5 Tips to Look Gorgeous in Holiday Photos

holiday photos

During the holiday season, there are cameras documenting every single event. Whether you’re mingling with friends at a party or opening presents with your family, your holiday look will be captured in photography and spread across social media. Thankfully, it’s easy to be photogenic with a few simple adjustments to your normal makeup routine. Here are five easy tips to help you look gorgeous in holiday photos this year!

1. Avoid White Flashback

white-flashbackSource: Hollywood Life

Flash photography can create a white flashback on your face that creates a ghostly appearance. To avoid this photography nightmare, simply avoid all foundations and powders that contain SPF protection, silica, or any reflective materials. Matte, full-coverage foundations will even your skin tone and provide a flawless canvas for the camera without creating a white flashback effect.

2. Prevent Shine

shiny-faceSource: StyleIte and Hollywood Life

Luminous, fresh skin may look like a healthy glow in person, but in photography it looks greasy and oily. To prevent an excessively shiny appearance, always use a mattifying powder to set your makeup and touch-up with oil-absorbing sheets throughout the event, especially if you are prone to oily skin.

3. Add Some Color to Your Lips

lip-colorSource: Kate Pease Photography

Makeup tends to disappear on camera, so it’s important to apply about two to three times more color than you normally would. When you look in the mirror, it may seem like you have too much makeup on, but it will look much more subdued in photography. To add color to your face, choose a lipstick that’s a few shades darker than your natural lip color. While nude lipsticks look beautiful in normal life, trade your everyday natural lipsticks for brighter pink, berry, and red shades for holiday photos.

4. Fill in Your Eyebrows

fill-in-eyebrowsSource: Still Being Molly

Eyebrows frame your face and highlight your eyes, but they’re normally neglected in everyday makeup. Filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil that’s a shade lighter than your eyebrows will create a natural look that dramatically enhances your appearance with minimal effort.

5. Amplify Your Mascara

amplify-mascaraSource: The Beauty By Bel

As we’ve mentioned in our previous tips, it’s important to amplify your makeup to look gorgeous in holiday photos. Apply two or three coats of black volumizing mascara to allow your eyes to pop.

While makeup can highlight your natural beauty, it can’t completely camouflage redness or dry patches. Check out our latest beauty articles to learn how to protect your skin against the sun this winter and heal chapped lips too.