5 Tips and Tricks for Eating Healthy At-Home

Healthy snacks.

Times are difficult and strange right now amid the corona crisis and we’re all searching for some comfort. But before picking out pints of ice cream or armfuls of chips, consider nurturing yourself with nourishing, healthy foods instead of traditional “comfort foods.”

As we are assessing our pantries and eating from home more often, now is the perfect time to implement some healthy habits that will last longer than this physical isolation. Read on for our top five tips on how to eat clean throughout quarantine!

Don’t Panic!

We’ve all been encouraged to resist the urge to hoard an abundance of grocery store goods. Our suggestion? Avoid panic buying through preparation. Check your cupboards, make a list of the essentials your family needs like protein, grains, and fruits and vegetables, and then match coupons with your prepared list!

Freezer-Friendly Foods

Don’t worry if your frozen food aisle is looking a bit barren these days. Thankfully, you can freeze about anything including produce, eggs, milk, cheese, bread—you name it! Not only does this extend the life of your healthy finds through the upcoming uncertain weeks, it also seals in the maximized nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Mind and Body are One

You’ve heard the mantra, mind and body are one. These words of wisdom certainly ring true when it comes to your diet. You feel better and brighter mentally when you nourish your body physically.

Want to further boost these mind-body benefits? With the additional free time you may have on your hands, we encourage you to take a full 20 minutes to consume your breakfast, lunch, or snack. 20 minutes may seem like a lot for some people, but that’s how long it takes to typically feel full. Being aware as you eat has heaps of benefits including mental clarity, it promotes smaller portions sizes, and helps you truly enjoy your food. Looking for a level up? Eat all your meals technology-free!

Superfood Shelf Staples

Looking for foods that will last through lockdown? We suggest selecting superfood staples with a long shelf life like quinoa, low sodium beans and legumes, and protein-packed nut butters. Not only will these foods last a long time, so will their benefits!

Shake it up!

The best way to sneak greens into your quarantine is with a smoothie. By mixing together ingredients like a handful of spinach or kale, frozen fruit, protein powder or Greek yogurt, a spoonful of nut butter, and a sprinkle of seeds, you can whip up a nutritious smoothie that completely disguises leafy ingredients.

We know these times are tough, but when life gives you a lemon of a situation maybe it’s time to switch over to lemon water. We truly hope these healthy tips and our money-saving deals will help you and your loved ones get through these hard times. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay strong!


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