5 Products to Look Pretty, Not Spooky This Halloween

5 products to look pretty not spooky this halloween

While Halloween parties may be filled with menacing monsters, ghoulish ghosts, and venomous vampires, you don’t have to wear a scary costume on Halloween night to look festive. If you’re not a fan of fake blood and creepy masks, embrace the glamorous side of Halloween this year with a cute costume and a spirited makeup look. This October, these five beauty essentials will help you look pretty but not spooky on Halloween night!

Add Drama to Your Look with False Lashes

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Add a pair of dramatic false lashes to your Halloween beauty look to instantly add drama to any costume. The extra length and thickness that false lashes bring to your eyes create a doll-like effect that’s simply stunning. Whether you opt for traditional long and fluttery lashes or daring glitter-tipped cat-eye lashes, your false lashes will transform your look and bring your costume to life!

Deepen Your Look with Vampy Lips 

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Bold lipsticks are always on trend for fall, but it’s even more fun to embrace the season’s deepest shades on Halloween. Pairing a deep wine or berry lip with your Halloween makeup will add a glamorous touch to any costume. If you’re not sure how to find the perfect dark lip this holiday season, simply take your favorite lipstick to the store and find a similar color that’s three to four shades darker.

Create a Dark and Elegant Manicure 

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Halloween manicures don’t have to have to feature creepy blood spatters or spooky monsters to be festive. Showcase your Halloween spirit all month long with a dark and elegant manicure. To create the perfect manicure for the holiday start with two coats of sparkly black or bright purple nail polish. You can also add accent nails featuring black pearls or add a coat of glow-in-the-dark top coat to create a shocking holiday manicure.

Add a Pop of Color 

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If you’d like to create a daring Halloween hairstyle that’s still pretty, use temporary hair colors to add a pop of color to your locks. Dippity Do Color Pop, Streekers, and Washables Hair Color for A Day are three brands of temporary hair dyes that wash out as soon as you shampoo your hair. It’s easy to add colorful highlights or a bright all over color with these convenient products. For a subtle take on this trend, spray your hair with glitter hair spray!

Bright Colors

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Brightly colored eye shadows are so beautiful, but neon shades aren’t appropriate on a daily basis. This Halloween, break out your brightest eye products for the evening. If you’re not sure about how to approach bright colors, simply spread a daring shade all over the lid with your finger and use a fluffy brush to blend a deep brown or black eye shadow into the crease of your eye. Mixing the bright and neutral shades will create a look that’s fun but still approachable.

Before you shop for your holiday beauty essentials, search for makeup products that are a little too bold for your everyday life. These will help you look pretty, not spooky this Halloween. Your brightest eye shadow or deepest lip shade might not be appropriate for your weekday routine, but they will add the perfect bit of glamour to your Halloween look!

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