Zoo in Your Loo? 5 Organizing Tips for Kids’ Bathrooms

Is It a Zoo in Your Loo? 5 Organizing Tips for Kids' Bathrooms |thegoodstuff

As a single mom of three girls, I’m often scared to enter the kids’ bathroom. Between toothpaste, whatever play makeup they’ve gotten into, and their inability to pick up anything off the floor, it can go from sparkling clean to a mess in 10 minutes flat. If it’s possible, the cabinets and drawers are often worse. With the caps off of endless tubes of lipgloss, nail polish tops not quite put back on correctly, plus towels used and then thrown back under the sink, what’s behind closed doors can become my nemesis very quickly.

With the school year upon us, I’m determined to get the drawers, cabinets, and whole bathroom organized once and for all. It takes less than $50 worth of stuff and a little time, but if you do it your kid’s bathroom will become a place you can enter without a hazmat suit once more. Read on for 5 organizing tips for kids’ bathrooms that will help you get everything back into place.

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1. Hang things up with hooks


Hooks are a mom’s best friend. My kids are all still fairly young, so the concept of picking up towels and hanging them perfectly over a towel rack escapes them. I don’t even have enough space for towel bars to hang them up with three kids using the bathroom most of the time.

Hooks are an awesome way to help them remember to hang things up. I was given a super cute princess hook set several years ago and it’s now in the bathroom. You can find hook sets at thrift stores and garage sales, as well. They don’t have to be new or expensive!

2. Use drawer organizers


It’s possible that drawer organizers in kid’s bathrooms may go to waste. I tried them anyway to see if my kids would keep things in their designated places. It turns out that kids like order, too, and since putting the organizers in their things have been returned to the allotted area every time.

I do have to remind them to place the toothpaste back in the drawer, but at least they now put it in its slot rather than piling more things into an already messy drawer! I love drawer organizers and made sure to get the expandable ones so they can be used for years to come.

3. Reuse themed trashcans


If you’ve ever done themed bathrooms, you know that every so often you’re changing out shower curtains, soap dispensers, and more. Over the years I’ve collected several character trashcans that the kids no longer like. So instead I use them under the sink for things like washcloths, baby wipes, and more. Having a few bins to toss things in can really help your under-the-sink area stay organized.

4. Keep soaps and shampoos out of reach


I once made the rookie mistake of leaving a full bottle of baby shampoo on the side of the tub after I took my kids out. A few hours later, I heard water running and discovered my youngest using the entire bottle to wash Barbie’s hair. Not only was it a waste of product, but the mess that ensued was no fun to clean up. Now I remove any temptations to add mess to this already challenging area!

5. Store those bath toys


Nothing bugs me more than bath toys sitting in the tub. But the kids leave them, ignoring my requests to pile them up on the side. Attempts to put toy buckets in before have failed.

However, a few weeks ago I found a new one that has twist to stick pads. Over a few weeks I’ve watched it and it hasn’t slipped or fallen off like others have and the kids seem to like putting the toys in it. It was about $20, but I think a high quality toy holder is worth it!

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Keeping the kid’s bathroom clean and organized is a chore for any parent. Even if the kids are very helpful and love to pick up, there’s still a mess somewhere! With a few simple items, easy instructions for where things go, and fun places to put them it can become a more organized space.