5 Home Essentials from Quirky You Didn't Know You Needed

quirky items you need

If you haven’t heard of Quirky, I highly recommend you stop by Quirky.com to learn what they are all about. Quirky is a unique business as all the products for sale on their site were developed and designed by website users. If you become an active user on their site, you can submit your ideas in hopes that they become a product and also help current ideas become a reality. Check out their how it works page to learn more about Quirky and how you can become involved in creating the latest and greatest item.

I’d like to share with you five home essentials from Quirky that really caught my eye. And if you like what you see here, then take advantage of the sale going on now where you can save 20% off your purchase with code SAVE20 (valid on all items except Aros).

Stem Metal and CitriTwist

quirky citritwist

The Stem Metal and CitriTwist is a really cool device that you stick into a lemon, lime or other fruit so you can directly squirt the juice from the spray nozzle. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and it works pretty well for any recipe that calls for a zest of juice.

The second part of the product is the CitriTwist, which is great at getting all of the juice out of your fruits. No longer will you have to squeeze your fruits and have juice run down your hands. This awesome tool is so simple but works great. For anyone who loves using lemon or lime in your cooking, I highly recommend these products.

Pluck Egg Separator

quirky pluck egg separator

If you like to eat only the egg whites, then the Pluck is the device for you. It helps separate out the yolks without having to do the old “back and forth in the egg shell” method. Just squeeze the Pluck, put it on top of the egg yolk, and let the nifty tool suck up the yolk. It does take a little practice, and if you spit the yolk back out, you run into the risk of breaking the yolk. While I wouldn’t say this is a must have for every kitchen, at only $4.99, it doesn’t hurt to get one and try it out.

Grill Wrangler

quirky grill wrangler

I’m surprised it took so long for someone to invent something like the Grill Wrangler. Instead of needing a grilling fork, tongs and a spatula, you can have it all in one awesome gadget. With Father’s Day coming up and grilling season about to hit full gear, now is the perfect time to invest in my new favorite Quirky product. Look at all the yummy goodness I was able to make above with the help of my trusty Grill Wrangler. Grab this 3-in-1 grilling tool today and I promise you’ll love it.

Squeak-All-in-One Cleaning Tool

quirky squeak cleaning tool

Another one of my new favorite multi-tools is the Squeak. It’s a spray bottle, scrubbing pad, and squeegee. I fill my spray bottle with Windex, spray my mirrors and windows, give them a good scrub, then squeegee them so they glisten and sparkle. Don’t get stuck lugging around a spray bottle, rag, towels and a squeegee. The Squeak will forever change how you clean surfaces and mirrors around the house.

Crossover X-Band Storage Case

quirky crossover storage case

The crossover phone case is a really cool product that helps you keep your cash, credit cards, and other small documents tucked safely behind your phone. This is another great gift idea for dad so he can leave his wallet at home. The bands also provide great protection for those of us who have a bad habit of dropping our phones.  If you have the iPhone 5 or 5s, then the Crossover X-Band will work for you. Unfortunately, the cash and credit cards are not included.

Before you shop: Remember that Quirky is not just an online shopping site; it’s a community of people who want to help come up with the next cool gadget. If you submit an idea and it gets made into a product, or you help with market research, then you can also get paid.


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