5 Fashion Resolutions to Make in 2015


2015 is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to create your annual list of new year’s resolutions. We’ve created a list of five easy fashion resolutions for 2015 that will help you re-create your style, improve your confidence, and streamline your closet!

Resolution #1: Show Off Your Shape

Show off Your Shape

This year, learn to embrace your natural shape and flaunt your assets instead of hiding any problem areas. If you want to showcase your hourglass silhouette, add a statement belt to any top or dress to bring attention to your tiny waist. Ladies with long legs might want to wear printed jeans or leggings with a solid top to emphasize their lengthy limbs. If you want to show off your hard work at the gym, accentuate your toned arms with sleeveless tops. Choosing fashion pieces that highlight your strengths will bring out your inner confidence and allow you to shine!

Resolution #2: Make Colors Work for You

Make Colors Work for YouSource: Target

Once you’ve discovered the best fashion styles to showcase your physical assets, it’s time to learn which colors bring out the beauty of your skin tone! To start the process, take a quick peek at your wrist. If your veins look blue, cool-toned colors like blue, mint green, silver, white, and hot pink will tend to flatter your complexion. If your veins appear more on the green side, warm-toned colors such as coral, yellow, cognac, camel, and burgundy usually work best. This quick test will help you narrow down your ideal colors, but it’s not a set rule. Play around with colors and see what works for you! If your favorite color just doesn’t work with your skin tone, try using it as an accent color in your accessories instead of wearing it from head-to-toe.

Resolution #3: Finally Get Rid of Items You Don’t Wear

Get Rid of Fashion ClutterSource: Style Bistro

We’ve all been in the situation where it feels like we have nothing to wear, yet we have a closet overflowing with clothes and accessories. 2015 is the year to streamline your closet and finally get rid of the pieces that aren’t working for you. Eliminating fashion clutter will help you re-discover old favorites and get use out of your newest pieces.

Resolution #4: Embrace Quality over Quantity

Embrace Quality over QuantitySource: Camille Styles

This year, make a promise to yourself to choose quality over quantity in your fashion purchases. There’s no use having 100 items in your closet if you only wear 10 of those items. When you’re making a purchase, think about how much wear you’ll get out of each item before swiping your credit card! Spend a little extra on classic items that you’ll wear frequently – such as jeans, boots, sneakers, and cardigans- but don’t splurge on high-cost trendy items that can only be worn for one season.

Resolution #5: Take A Risk

Take A Risk

The new year is a fresh start for everyone, so take a small fashion risk and try out new trends, silhouettes, colors, and patterns. If you’re interested in updating your style, now is the time to create a new look. After all, fashion should be fun!

If you follow these five easy fashion resolutions for 2015, you’re bound to have a stylish year! For more fashion tips, read out latest style articles to learn how you can create a variety of holiday looks with only 10 fashion items or how to go from work practical to office party chic!


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