5 Easy, At-Home Hacks with Aluminum Foil


Aluminum foil is a staple in most kitchens for cooking and storing food, but did you know this recyclable material can be used for other surprising household tasks as well?

1. Get Rid of Rust

Nothing ruins the shiny appeal of chrome like rust spots. You could have the rust professionally removed, but that is expensive. Instead, try using a sheet of aluminum foil lubricated with a bit of water to buff out minor rust stains on everything from kitchen appliances to motorcycles. Aluminum foil can also be used to clean cast iron pans without running the risk of them rusting.

2. Sharpen Dull Scissors
After years of cutting paper, fabric, hair, or food, scissors can become dull. That not only leaves you with less-than-perfect cuts, but can also cause injuries due to the extra strength you need to use with dull blades. Instead of buying a whole new pair of scissors, line up five to ten layers of aluminum foil and cut through with your dull scissors. Your blades will be sharper and safer instantly.

3. Keep Cats Off Counters

Cats are amusing and adorable, but that doesn’t mean you want their paws all over your countertops. Tape a four-inch wide piece of aluminum foil along the edge of your counters and the next time your cat jumps up there, the noise and texture of the foil will scare them from ever going on the counters again.

This solution can also be used on tables, desks, dressers, or anywhere else you want to be off-limits from your feline friends.

4. Use as Insulation
If your plants aren’t getting enough light in your windowsill, try making a three-sided aluminum box around the plant to reflect more sunlight. Aluminum foil can also be used to keep the sun out and rooms cool. By creating a foil barrier on windows that receive too much sunlight, heat and light will be reflected away from your home and help keep your rooms cooler.

5. Eliminate Dryer Static
Dryer sheets can leave chemical residue on your laundry and reduce the absorbency of things like towels. To avoid having your laundry end up in static mess, form aluminum foil into a ball, toss into the dryer, and dry your clothes as you normally would. The aluminum foil acts like a buffer to prevent fabrics from rubbing together and creating static electricity. Clothes will come out static and chemical-free. This blogger put it to the test, and it really works.

Imagine all of the products you would need to purchase to do what just a roll of Aluminum Foil could do.