5 Easy and Adorable DIYs to Customize Your Kitchen

diys to customize your kitchen

When you’re at home, a lot of your time is probably spent in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking up a feast, re-heating leftovers or putting together a specialty cocktail, the kitchen is your home base. So why not upgrade a few of your common utensils with these five DIYs to customize your kitchen.

1. Color Coded Cutting Boards

Color Coded Cutting BoardsSource: Dream A Little Bigger

Make your cutting boards more adorable–and more hygienic–by adding a pop of color around the edges and marking them with their assigned food group. Use a wood burning tool to do the marking.

2. Spaghetti Knife Holder

spaghetti knife holderSource: Craft and Repeat

Who knew you could stash your knives in spaghetti? This tutorial shows you how to make a universal knife holder out of dry noodles in the color of your choosing. It’s a clever and less expensive alternative to your traditional knife block.

3. Citrus Stamped Tea Towels

Citrus Stamped Tea TowelsSource: Making Home Base 

Prettify white dish towels by stamping them with citrus fruit. All you need are some lemons (or limes, oranges, grapefruits, etc.) and fabric paint.

4. Paint Dipped Wooden Spoons

Paint Dipped Wooden SpoonsSource: Oh Everything Handmade 

Transform ordinary wooden spoons into something a bit cheerier by painting their handles in various bright hues. Wrapping tape around the handles before painting ensures a clean line.

5. Recipe Utensil Holder

Recipe Utensil HolderSource: Calico

Want to know a quick way to upgrade a plain ceramic utensil holder? Write a favorite recipe on it to personalize your kitchen counter. Plus, you’ll always have the ingredients for those chocolate chip cookies handy.