Save & Play: 5 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

Save & Play: 5 Cheap Summer Activities for Kids | thegoodstuff

We’re about to embark on the hottest days of the year here in Houston. The forecast calls for triple digit temperatures and no relief. Summer is still here and we have three more weeks to go until school starts. Our vacations are done, our family visits are done, and we’re at a stalemate — counting the days until the school bell rings.

With all that in mind, I need to get these kids out of this house! So I’ve come up with five cheap summer activities for kids to round out the summer.

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Idea #1: Run through the sprinklers


As basic as this is, it works. There’s just something about the cool thrill of being sprayed with water — I’ve even been known to join in! I have a sprinkler system in my yard and the kids love to run along with it as it changes zones. But even something as easy as a hose can make them just as happy.

Savings tip: Most large inflatable water slides that were ridiculously expensive early in the summer are now on sale, some with steep discounts. Check your local store for returns and items that didn’t sell. You’ll save a ton and have a fun activity ready for next year!

Idea #2: Visit museums


I learned a while back that museums that are geared towards adults will often let kids in for free. With the children’s museum being a “been there, done that” place, I love to take my kids on the free days to see more grown-up art and exhibits. I’m often fascinated at how much they love it! Plus, I get to visit the paintings and sculptures I love, as well.

Idea #3: Head to the library


Our nearby library has so many great summer activities that going there never seems to get old. From movies to puppet shows to just being a cool place to relax and let your children explore, the library can provide hours of entertainment. It’s also a good idea to check your local library for summertime reading programs for kids.

Idea #4: Head to the local pool


Most neighborhoods have a pool that residents can use throughout the summer. We love jumping in and cooling off! Sometimes I call other moms and invite their family, too, so that the moms can relax while the kids play. One or two hours of good swimming cools everyone off and wears the kids out!

Idea #5: Make frozen treats


Who doesn’t love an ice pop on a hot summer day? Enjoy them after a water balloon fight and you have a cooling off activity full of laughter and fun. It takes more time to make the balloons than to pop them, but it’s so much fun no one cares!

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Beat the heat and get the kids out of the house with creative and fun activities! Do you and your kids have any cheap outdoor activities to add to our list? Share them with us in the comments below!