5 Beauty Resolutions to Never Make


Setting New Year’s resolutions is a tradition. Unfortunately by February, 30 percent of those resolutions are broken. So what’s the reason? Is it because of a lack of willpower, resources, or are we just making bad resolutions to begin with? We’ve already covered the 5 beauty resolutions to make this year, now let’s cover the five beauty resolutions you should steer clear of in 2015.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

When dealing with beauty there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone. Try new things and trends only if you want to, but do not commit to them. The idea is to look and feel great, not to feel insecure and uncomfortable. If you’re not into colorful eye makeup, then keep it natural and try a bold lip instead.

Go Tanning


Bronzed skin is in, but you should never compromise your health to get it. Skin tanning, whether it be sunbathing or hanging out at a tanning booth is dangerous. Tanned skin is actually damaged skin caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation causes wrinkles, loose skin and brown age spots, not to mention the risk of cancer. Instead of tanning, opt for a self tanner or liquid bronzer and skip the sun exposure.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Do not just commit to losing weight, commit to a healthier lifestyle that will lead to weight loss. Weight loss is one of the most common resolutions made and broken by the end of February and for good reason — it’s simply too loaded. Commit to smaller goals like walking for 30 minutes a day, or incorporating more grains or vegetables into your diet.

Start a Shopping Ban

makeup shopping ban

Yes, another loaded resolution. With new cosmetic collections being released every other month, it’s hard to resist temptation. So rather than put yourself on a no buy or shopping ban, commit to purchasing less makeup. Those little purchases here and there can be rewarding and boost morale. If you’re looking for better beauty resolutions, then spend less time in the mall and the makeup aisle in the drugstore, and start unsubscribing to all those tempting emails.

Wear More Makeup

Wear More Makeup

This is another example of an unrealistic beauty resolution. You do not have to commit to a full face of makeup everyday of the week. Be specific with your goals, and realistic. Commit to one full face a week, or accentuating your best features, like your lashes or lips every day. This way you get to play in more makeup without the discomfort that comes with wearing makeup all the time.