4 Mother's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

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Homemade crafts are a heartfelt and fun way kids can celebrate mom. Just mix a little creativity and imagination to make Mother’s Day crafts the family will love all year long. These are less expensive than store bought gifts and are sure to be priceless treasures.

Washi Hand Print Art – Turn an outline of your child’s hand into a piece of art with the help of a few rolls of colorful washi tape. Everyone loves hand print art and the washi tape gives it a modern touch. I found cute frames at Dollar Tree and the washi tape at Joann’s. Use a coupon to save even more!

washi tapeWhat You’ll Need: 2 pieces white card stock, 3 rolls washi tape in coordinating colors, 1 8×10 frame, X-Acto knife, pencil

1. Trace their hand in the center of a piece of card stock. Make one copy.

2. Cut three rolls of tape into strips that will cover their outlined hand from end-to-end.

3. With an X-Acto knife on a cutting mat or board, carefully cut out the traced hand from the second sheet.

4. Place the taped hand into a frame.

washi tape finalMom Affirmation Jar – Mom will feel cherished when she reads these affirmations from the kids. Mod Podge has a new paint that creates a colored see-through glaze when it dries. It comes in a variety of colors. I used left over washi tape from the hand art piece.

What You’ll Need: 1 mason jar, 1 bottle Mod Podge paint, 1 copy of photo, glue stick, washi tape, 4 rhinestones, affirmation sticks printable

affirmation jar1. Create affirmation sticker sheets on 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper. Cut out and have kids write down the answers.

2. Pour Mod Podge paint inside the mason jar. Swirl around until it covers the inside and place upside down on a plastic or paper plate. The excess paint will drip down onto the plate. Dry overnight.

3.  Use a glue stick to cover the back of the photo and place on the jar. Frame with washi tape and finish with a rhinestone in each corner.

4. Tie a ribbon around the top and place the affirmations inside.

I Heart Mom Mugs – Mom will smile each morning drinking from a personalized coffee mug decorated with fingerprints. You can make a mug for just $3 with Dollar Tree deals.

i love mom mugWhat You’ll Need: Acyrlic paint, brushes, ceramic mug

1. Use your child’s finger to create a heart shape out of fingerprints. Take the brush to write “I” and “Mom” on the opposite sides of the heart. Have them sign on the bottom.  Let paint dry.

2. Bake in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes.

Photo Vase – A favorite vintage family photo turns a simple pot into a conversation starter. Kids love looking at pictures of when their parents were little. Share giggles and fond memories selecting pictures for your vase. Check out Dollar Tree for vases and find Mod Podge at Joann’s or your local craft store. Use a coupon and reduce the cost. These can be made for $5 or less.

photo vaseWhat You’ll Nedd: 1 terracotta vase, acrylic paints, 1 copy of a photo cut with rickrack scissors around the edges, 1 jar Mod Podge, 1 sponge brush

1.Paint the terracotta pot. We used yellow for the top, pink on the pot and topped it off with a little glitter paint for extra sparkle.

2. Coat the back of the photo with Mod Podge glue and apply to pot. Brush the glue over the top of the photo. Let dry.

3. Tie a bow under the top rim and put mom’s favorite plant or herb inside.

Here are a few tips to make your homemade Mother’s Day crafts a success:

1. Line your craft table with vinyl tablecloth or let them create outside for easy clean up.

2. Pick a color palette for each piece.

3. Talk over ideas with the kids before they begin painting.

4. Re-purpose old vases and jars from your house.

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