4 Easy Ways to Layer Winter Clothing


When the temperature drops, it’s time to break out the layered looks. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to create a warm layered outfit that’s stylish and not bulky. So we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you learn easy ways to layer this winter!

Add a Statement Scarf 

Add a Statement ScarfSource: Pop of Style

This season’s go-to layering accessory is the oversized scarf, aka the blanket scarf. The large size of the blanket scarf adds a bold statement to any look, and it can also double as a cape or blanket if the weather becomes chilly! In this outfit, Pop of Style mixes a bright tartan plaid blanket scarf with a textured sweater for a warm and cozy layered look. Try adding an oversized scarf in a fun print over a dress or underneath a coat to provide an extra dose of color any warmth to your outfit.

Vary Your Length

Vary Your LengthSource: Fashionably Lo

Take a tip from Fashionably Lo and create layers of clothing in different lengths. When you add three layers of tops that are all the same length, it can easily create a puffy look. Adding layers in the different lengths provides interest and style to your outfit, and it also creates a slimmer and less bulky look. Copy this look by pairing your favorite white button-down shirt with a black sweater and a collarless wool coat. The mix of colors and variety of lengths will help you stay warm and look cool!

Combine Your Layers

Combine Your LayersSource: Glamour-Zine

Another tip for creating the perfect layered look is to find a way to combine your layers. In this outfit, Glamour-Zine joins her army green coat and navy plaid button-down shirt by overlapping the collars and rolling up the sleeves together. These two tricks streamline the outfit and provide interest and warmth without adding excess bulk.

Mix Colors, Patterns and Textures 

Mix Colors, Patterns and TexturesSource: Brighton The Day

Another key feature of the best layered looks is a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. In this look, Brighton The Day added a chambray button-down shirt and red quilted vest over her striped turtleneck shirt to create a look that’s fun and functional. The colorful pieces in varying prints and textures keeps the look playful, and the abundance of layers will protect you from the chilly wind! This look is also an easy way to transition your bright summer pieces into fall and winter.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of layering, put your new skills to the test and learn how to create festive looks that aren’t tacky for upcoming holidays.