30 Halloween Headpieces For Quick and Easy Costumes

30 halloween headpieces for quick and easy costumes

Constructing the perfect Halloween costume can cause more stress than satisfaction. But let’s face it, you don’t need to spend oodles of time and money on an outfit you’ll wear for a few hours once a year. Instead, make one of these fun Halloween headpieces that can be crafted in no time and paired with an everyday outfit to create a costume that looks fabulous, without making you frantic.

1. Pineapple

pineapple headpieceSource: studiodiy.com

This adorable pineapple stem is made out of a toilet paper roll and green cardstock. It’s all you need to turn a yellow dress into a fruity ensemble.

2. Rabbit Ears

rabbit ears headpieceSource: sayyes.com

These perky rabbit ears are constructed with some simple sewing, and wire is inserted to make them stick up. All you need to complete the look is a white outfit. You can pair it with a suited magician for a cute couples’ costume.

3. Mary Poppins Hat

Mary Poppins Hat headpieceSource: lilluna.com

Glue faux flowers on a plain black hat to evoke the memorable singing nanny. Bonus if you have a red bowtie to top off the ensemble.

4. Newspaper Wig

Newspaper Wig headpieceSource: whimseybox.com

Dress as a…well, we’re not sure what. But this is one unique (not to mention inexpensive) costume, made out of just newspaper and tape! It would look equally as cute on your little dog too.

5. Boo Headband

Boo Headband headpieceSource: gina-michele.com

Keep the sentiment simple with a single word. A “Boo” headband says it all and makes whatever you’re wearing Halloween appropriate. All you need to make one is a headband, embroidery floss and pipe cleaners.

6. Gold Leaf Crown

Gold Leaf Crown headpieceSource: alionsnest.com

Glue fake leaves to a cord-wrapped wire to create this elegant leaf crown. Pair it with a flowy dress, and you’ve created a Greek god or goddess costume.

7. Paper Bag Crown

Paper Bag Crown headpieceSource: whimsydarling.com

To play the part of this humble royal, based on the book “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert Munsch, make a crown out of Kraft paper and gold paint. You can pair with a paper bag dress for the full effect.

8. Airhead

Airhead headpieceSource: studiodiy.com

Embrace your inner goof with this easy airhead costume. Simply tie three small balloons around a headband–and refrain from deep thoughts.

9. Frida Floral Headband

Frida Floral Headband headpieceSource: mypoppet.com.au

Transform into the famed painter by creating a floral headband out of faux flowers and electrical tape. Don’t forget to draw on her famous unibrow.

10. Flapper Feather Headband

Flapper Feather Headband headpieceSource: iwearthecanvas.blogspot.com 

A simple swingy black dress becomes a flapper costume when you pair it with this DIY headband, made out of sequin stretch trim, feathers and a brooch.

11. Minnie Mouse Ears

Minnie Mouse Ears headpieceSource: allaboutami.com

If you have some basic crochet capabilities, you can stitch up these sweet Minnie Mouse ears. No one will mistake them for an everyday mouse when you add that signature red bow.

12. Flying Bat Headband

Flying Bat Headband headpieceSource: marthastewart.com

You can wear jeans and a T-shirt and still have one of the coolest costumes at the party with this DIY flying bat headband. The bats are made out of black paper and secured on stiff wire for a fun look.

13. Maleficent Horns Headpiece

maleficent horns headpieceSource: asthebunnyhops.com

Turn a basic black outfit into Snow White’s worst nightmare with a Halloween headpiece that becomes creepy horns made out of black crepe paper, black electrical tape and wire.

14. Mini Witch’s Hat

mini witch hat headpieceSource: deliacreates.com

Chicer and smaller than your average witch’s hat, this lace and felt version is made from scratch, and creates an instant costume that’s spooky with a touch of glam.

15. Blinged Out Cat Ears

Blinged Out Cat Ears headpieceSource: mesewcrazy.com

A sparkly spin on your average cat costume, these rhinestone cat ears are frisky and fun. And they come together easily with a headband, stiff fabric, and some straightforward sewing and gluing.

16. Unicorn Horn Headband

Unicorn Horn Headband headpieceSource: howtogal.com

Make any outfit magical with a charming unicorn horn headband. Constructed out of stuffed felt, hot glue, and gold wire, it’s an easy no-sew project.

17. Frozen Snow Crown

Frozen Snow Crown headpieceSource: tikkido.com

Evoke the famous Frozen character, and give your little Elsa a sparkly crown. The icicles are just strips of dried hot glue coated in glitter.

18. Princess Leia Hair Headpiece

Princess Leia Hair HeadpieceSource: family.disney.com

Anyone can channel their inner Princess Leia with these earmuffs-turned-hairdo. Simply braid brown yarn, twist it into buns, and glue them to the muffs.

19. Medusa Headband

Medusa Headband headpieceSource: halloweenforum.com

Glue dollar store snakes to a headband or tiara, then spray paint the entire thing gold. You may not turn people to stone with one glance, but everyone will know who you are.

20. Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers HeadpieceSource: thecraftyhousewife.blogspot.com

These ghost-like antlers are perfectly spooky. They’re also easy to make out of foil and leather.

21. Mini Top Hat

Mini Top Hat headpieceSource: happythought.co.uk

This little paper hat goes with anything to create an instantly classy costume. If you can cut and paste, you can make your own, but a helpful video tutorial on the site can give you some tips.

22. Despicable Me Minion Hat

Despicable Me Minion Hat headpieceSource: makeandtakes.com

Thread black pipe cleaners through a knit yellow hat to turn your little one (or yourself) into a little minion. The goggles are made of black elastic and a paper towel tube.

23. Spider Headband

Spider Headband headpieceSource: blog.darice.com

A creepy crawly addition makes any Halloween headpiece perfect in an instant. And it takes less time to make than you think! Just glue a giant fake spider from a craft store onto a black headband and you’re done.

24. Carnival Feather Headdress

Carnival Feather Headdress headpieceSource: bellybuttonblog.com

A dramatic carnival style feather headdress will cause heads to turn no matter what else you’re wearing. Dye the feathers to the color of your choosing, adhere them to a tiara, and decorate it with jewels.

25. Feather Faux Hawk

Feather Faux Hawk headpieceSource: lovemaegan.com

A little punk and a little spooky, this black feather faux hawk will add an edge to any outfit. Simply adhere feathers to a clip, and secure it over a center braid.

26. Ice Cream Cone Hat

Ice Cream Cone Hat headpieceSource: mermaidens.blogspot.com

Turn yourself into an ice cream sundae with this whimsical paper cone hat. Finish it off with a pompom for the cherry on top.

27. Chef’s Hat

chef hat headpieceSource: andersruff.com

This simple chef’s hat is made out of tissue paper and construction paper. You can carry a rolling pin prop to complete the look.

28. Felt Crown

Felt Crown headpieceSource: hellobee.com

These beautiful felt crowns will make your little one instant royalty this Halloween. You can use whatever colors you like and throw in a scepter or cape for a slightly more complex costume.

29. Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat headpieceSource: littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com

Follow straightforward sewing instructions to make the iconic Dr. Seuss character’s hat. Drawing on whiskers with face paint will make the look even more feline.

30. Dinosaur Hat

Dinosaur Hat headpieceSource: lalymom.com

Kids might want to wear this dino hat every day, but it’s also a quick and easy costume fix. All you need is a baseball hat, felt and hot glue.

Whether you’re going for spooky or silly, costumes don’t have to be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. With simple materials like felt and cardstock, you can create Halloween headpieces that’ll turn any old outfit into a memorable costume.

Get into the spirit of Halloween with even more creepy, cute, and crafty inspiration!


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