3 DIY Easter Baskets for Under $15


By Cheri Liefeld, Adventures in the Kitchen

Easter is coming, and you have so many options for preparing your kids’ baskets—it can be a little overwhelming, I know. To help you simplify, I’m sharing three DIY Easter baskets to inspire you. For just $5 to $15, you can create a homemade Easter basket your kids will love.

When I start planning a new DIY project, I always shop at home first. There are always little treasures lying around the house—when you look at things through a new lens, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Under $5

DIY Easter Basket under $5

First, here’s a simple Easter basket you can make for $5. Pick up a basket at a dollar store along with grass to go inside it. I found a piece of yellow rickrack at home to add as a trim around the top.

DIY Easter Basket

My niece and I love to be crafty, so I invited her to help. First, take a glue gun or a bottle of craft glue. Place dots of glue in a line and place the rickrack or ribbon on top.

DIY Easter Flower

Use cupcake liners to create a flower for the basket. Pick a color that coordinates, and flip the liners inside out. Place a dot of glue in the center and glue to each other. For the center of the flower, fold two in half and then in half again. Glue to the center.

Under $10
How to make an Easter Basket

This cute Chalkboard Basket started as a silver pail sitting on my back patio and cost just $10 to make. Using a coupon for Michaels, I bought blue chalkboard paint.

DIY Easter Basket

Apply two coats of paint to the pail. I painted a few plastic eggs I had from last year.

DIY Easter Basket

I bought a small roll of striped ribbon that complimented the paint color.

To personalize the baskets, print out a sheet of the matching circles. Write the child’s name or type it out in a word processing program and line up to print out in the center of the circle. I thought the yellow peeps looked so cute peeking over the top.

Under $15
DIY Easter Basket

This classic basket became my girly girl basket. My niece loves sports, but also loves all things pink, so this was her favorite. Using a coupon at a local craft store, I bought the wicker basket for 40% off. They also had a little container of fabric flowers. I bought a sheet of rhinestones in the scrapbook section. One sheet had several colors of pink on it.

DIY Easter Basket
Using a glue gun or craft glue, place dots along the rim of the basket and then put a flower on each dot. I added a rhinestone to the center of each flower for as touch of bling.

Take a roll of pink satin ribbon to wrap the handle, leaving a few inches free at each end.

DIY Easter Basket

I found the feather hair clip in the $1 aisle and added it to the side of the basket as the finishing touch. Then I took a scrap of diamond-studded ribbon I had at home and wrapped it around a pink plastic egg. You can turn this into a spa basket by adding a jar of homemade brown sugar body scrub and a few shades of pink nail polish. This basket cost just $15 to create.

I’d love to hear: Any suggestions you have for creating unique and inexpensive Easter baskets?

Cheri Liefeld Adventures in the KitchenCheri Liefeld of Adventures in the Kitchen believes in celebrating life around the table. She is a recipe developer, cooking instructor and writer. She blogs over at Adventures In The Kitchen where she shares easy to make recipes, party inspiration and ideas for cooking with kids.

A native of Southern California her cooking is filled with fresh ingredients from local farmers markets and often served spicy. She fell in love with cooking as a little girl, playing in the kitchen after school. Trips to Italy and Australia have influenced her cooking and a love for simple, delicious meals.

As a cooking instructor she is passionate about inspiring kids to cook, along with encouraging the benefits of the family meal. Food tastes better when shared with family and friends.


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