26 Festive DIY Napkin Rings for the Thanksgiving Table

diy napkin rings

Whether you’re hosting four or 14 guests, a beautifully set table is a must for creating the holiday mood. And napkin rings are the perfect way to add a little DIY flair without exerting too much time and effort. After all, you’ll need to save your energy for the kitchen! Napkin rings are simple, stylish, and an easy way to personalize your Thanksgiving table. Whether you use faux flowers, feathers or beads, these tabletop accessories will set the tone of your holiday tablescape. Let us know which of these DIY napkin rings is your favorite.

1. Golden Square Napkin Rings

Golden Square Napkin RingsSource: My Lifebox

These stylish square rings look especially beautiful when stacked. To make them, cut squares from clay, and stamp out circles using a bottle cap. Once they’ve dried, add a coat of shiny metallic paint.

2. Faux Marble Napkin Rings

Faux Marble Napkin RingsSource: Warm Hot Chocolate

These marbled napkin rings are actually paper decorated with watered-down nailpolish and adhered to wooden ring bases. Black and white is classic, but you could get colorful too.

3. Faux Wood Napkin Rings

Faux Wood Napkin RingsSource: Camille Styles

These minimalist rings are made from wood veneer edging. They require some skillful maneuvering with an iron, but you can make a full set in less than an hour.

4. Leather Napkin Cuffs

Leather Napkin CuffsSource: Fabric Paper Glue

Evoke the holiday spirit with messages of thanks. Use a gold pen to write them on pre-cut leather circles, then cut two slits for sliding a dowel through so napkins will fit snuggly inside the cuff.

5. Metallic PVC Pipe Napkin Rings

Metallic PVC Pipe Napkin RingsSource: Muslin and Merlot

No one will guess that this classy decor is made out of PVC pipe. Metallic spray paint instantly fancifies.

6. Chalkboard Wood Slice Napkin Ties

Chalkboard Wood Slice Napkin TiesSource: Nalle’s House

Wood slices become charming napkin ties with a layer of chalkboard paint.  Scribble messages of thanks, or use them as place settings and write out guests’ names. And in a few weeks, you can repurpose them as tree ornaments.

7. Clay Leaf Napkin Ties

Clay Leaf Napkin TiesSource: Hello Natural

These little leaves are made out of air-dry paint and leaf cookie cutters, then finished off with a layer of paint. A glittery ribbon pairs beautifully with pastels.

8. Birch Napkin Rings

Birch Napkin RingsSource: Whimsey Box

This black and white birch pattern is both modern and natural. To make these rings, Mod Podge a photograph of birch (available for download, or take your own) onto wooden rings.

9. Gold Geo Napkin Rings

Gold Geo Napkin RingsSource: Almost Makes Perfect

Can you believe these snazzy napkin rings are simply cardboard and tape? To make them, bend cardboard strips into hexagons, cover with metallic tape, and you’re done.

10. Flower Napkin Wraps

Flower Napkin WrapsSource: A Daily Something

Go au natural with simply elegant flower decorations; all you need is twin, ribbon, string, and glue. You could also use greenery or dried flowers for a more autumnal vibe.

11. Tinsel Napkin Rings

Tinsel Napkin RingsSource: Studio DIY

Wrap bits of a tinsel garland around cardboard tubes to create this festive and shimmery table decor. Leave as is, or top them off with metallic styrofoam balls.

12. Starry Napkin Wreaths

Starry Napkin WreathsSource: Lemon Jitters

These mini wreaths are perfect for the holiday table, from Thanksgiving through New Years. To make them, glue paper stars to a cardboard base. You can cut out stars using a special hole punch, or trace and cut by hand.

13. Embroidered Napkin Rings

Embroidered Napkin RingsSource: Pysselbolaget

These stitched rings are a great project to do with the kids. Simply paint cardboard tubes, punch holes in the desired pattern, then embroider with colorful thread.

14. Plaid Napkin Bows

Plaid Napkin BowsSource: Twinkle and Twine

Give your table a rustic vibe with these charming bows in an array of different plaids. To make, wrap twine around the center of a fabric rectangle, and adhere to a braided base.

15. Cork Napkin Bands

Cork Napkin BandsSource: Brass Paper Clip

Make good use of those holiday libations- or at least their remnants. To make these celebratory napkin bands, slide sliced-up corks onto stretchy thread, alternating with beads.

16. Felt Flower Napkin Rings

Felt Flower Napkin RingsSource: Shift Ctrl Art

This floral decor is wintery and won’t wilt. Make a simple gray flower out of little felt circles that are folded and glued, then adhere to a natural-looking wire ring. To make the flowers into a Christmas ornament instead, glue the flower to a walnut and hang with string.

17. Painted Acorn Napkin Rings

Painted Acorn Napkin RingsSource: Home Stories A to Z

Glue colorful painted acorns to velvet wired ribbon. Metallic paint in different hues looks both fun and elegant, but you could also paint them all-over white or silver.

18. Pony Bead Napkin Bands

Pony Bead Napkin BandsSource: Art Bar Blog

Kids will love helping to make these simple napkin rings out of pipe cleaners and pony beads, spelling out names or words of gratitude. To secure the ends, simply wrap the tips of the pipe cleaner around a bead.

19. Feather Napkin Decor

Feather Napkin DecorSource: Ginger and George

The turkey doesn’t have to be the only bird at the table. Feathers are the perfect colorful accent for a leather napkin ring. These are actually faux, but you could collect your own or buy a package at a craft store.

20. Ribbon Napkin Pull

Ribbon Napkin PullSource: The Sits Girls

Simply thread ribbon through D Rings to create these playful but pretty napkin pulls. There’s an endless array of ribbon options out there to match your tablescape.

21. Wooden Bead Napkin Bands

Wooden Bead Napkin BandsSource: Salsa Pie

These beautiful two-toned wooden beads don’t need any embellishing. Just string them to wire to create artful napkin rings.

22. Button Napkin Wrap

Button Napkin WrapSource: Living With Punks

Turn scraps of fabric into these delightful little napkin wraps. Use twine or fabric ribbon tied around a button to secure them.

23. Popsicle Stick Napkin Rings

Popsicle Stick Napkin RingsSource: The Country Cottage

Boiling popsicle sticks softens them so they can bend without breaking, allowing you to transform them into circular napkin rings. Decorate with washi tape in funky designs like rulers and musical notes.

24. Lace Napkin Rings

Lace Napkin RingsSource: Polka Dot Bride

Classic lace is versatile enough to work at a wedding or a Thanksgiving table. To make these rings, simply wrap a piece of lace around a paper tube and coat with Mod Podge so it holds its shape.

25. Vintage Brooch Napkin Decor

Vintage Brooch Napkin DecorSource: Perpetually Chic

Oh-so-easy and elegant, these napkin rings are made out of vintage brooches and clip-on earrings, paired with velvet ribbon. No glue or paint required, just a pair of scissors.

26. Braided Bag Napkin Rings

Braided Bag Napkin RingsSource: Secret Agent Josephine

Who knew plastic bags could look so rustically chic? Just cut up old grocery bags into strips and braid them into these Challah Bread napkin bands.