31 Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas for Kids & Adults

30 Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas for Kids & Adults | thegoodstuff

Source: Wedding Chicks

By Pippa Armbrester and Cheri Liefeld

A holiday meal is about more than just the food. A beautiful table sets the tone for a gathering that’s just as focused on the company as the culinary delights. These personalized Thanksgiving place settings create an intimate vibe without taking up too much time (you’ll be busy enough in the kitchen as is). Whip them up today, and you’ll have a table full of character and charm, as well as scrumptious food.

1. Salt and Pepper Shakers

salt and pepper shakers-TGS

Let guests season to their own taste with individual salt and pepper place settings. Miniature shakers are inexpensive and easy to find at restaurant supply stores or online. Write names with a Sharpie, and fill with run-of-the-mill table salt or an artisanal variety.

2. Marbled Leaves

Marbled Leaves

Source: Make and Tell

Use nail polish to turn fall foliage into delicately marbled place settings. You can use multiple colors if you like, or keep it simple with two tones.

3. Golden Pears

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_03

Source: Mountain Modern

A piece of fruit can become eye-catching table decor. Paint pears with gold leaf, then wrap cardstock name tags around the top and secure with tape. You can print names one side and “Give Thanks” on the other.

4. Mini Pies

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_04

Source: The Merry Thought

Guide guests to their seats with individual desserts. Linen cover stock has just the right amount of texture for the place cards. Just glue a sandwich pick to the back of cards and stick them into pies.

5. Tiny Furniture

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_05

Source: Kittenhood

Have guests pull up a chair…to a chair. Spray paint miniature furniture gold, then attach cards using a pin for whimsical and playful place settings.

6. Little Logs

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_06

Source: Farm Fresh Therapy

If you’re confident wielding a saw, you can turn a thin log into several rustic place settings. Write names on sturdy cardboard and slide them into a slit on top.

7. Silver Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_07

Source: Everyday Occasions

Pumpkins are good for more than just pie. Spray paint mini gourds silver (cover the stem with painters tape first to keep the rustic touch), slice through the stem with floral shears, and slide in a place card.

8. Spools & Straws

Spools and Straws

Source: Craft and Creativity

These little flags make for adorable and unexpected place settings. To make, wrap washi or fabric tape around the tops of straws, getting adventurous with colors and patterns. Then stick the straws into spools — or even just straight into guests’ glasses.

9. Miniature Succulents

Miniature Succulents

Source: Wedding Chicks

These gorgeously fanciful place settings are easy to replicate with miniatures pot and succulents. Just stick a place card into the soil and slide the tiny greenery under a wine glass.

10. Vintage Drawer Pulls

Vintage Drawer Pulls

Source: A Side of Sweet

These place card holders couldn’t be simpler to make; it’s just a matter of finding the right kind of drawer pull. You need one that has a washer and a bolt that goes through the entire knob so you can loosen it and slide in a place card.

11. Turkey Feather Corks

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_11

Source: Almost Makes Perfect

You probably already have most or all of the materials for making these fun and festive little turkey place card holders. Markers, paper, toothpicks, and old wine corks are all it takes to add color and a touch of humor to your Thanksgiving table.

12. Painted Pine Cones

Painted Pine Cones

Source: Camille Styles

Thanks to all those prickles, a pinecone is an ideal place card holder. Add neon paint to the edges for extra flare, or leave au naturel.

13. Twine Balls

Twine Balls

Source: Sweet Paul

This rustic, chic place setting will set the mood for a relaxed and intimate Thanksgiving. To make, stick cutlery into twine balls and tie on a small cardstock nametag.

14. Golden Clothespins

Golden Clothespins

Source: Centsational Girl

Spray paint and faux berries turn these household tools into whimsical (not to mention inexpensive) place card holders. You can’t go wrong with gold, but you could pick any color to match your table decor.

15. Clove Clementines

Clove Clementines

Source: Cheryl Style

These fragrant place settings evoke autumn through both scent and sight. Stick cloves into oranges, creating patterns or arranging randomly, and top them off with a nametag.

16. Rosemary Sprig Cards

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_16

Source: Spoon Fork Bacon

A sprig of rosemary instantly and easily upgrades a plane place card. It looks especially lovely when tucked into a pocket-folded napkin.

17. Cinnamon Stick Stands

Cinnamon Stick Stands

Source: All Parenting

Wrap cinnamon sticks with raffia (or twine) and they become a perfect place card stand. They’ll also add a sweet smell to your dining ambiance.

18. Tiny Buntings

Tiny Buntings

Source: DIY Network

Print out letters onto mini buntings (template provided) and string them together. They’re sure to set the party mood when displayed across plates.

19. Twigs and Berries

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_19

Source: The Kitchn

Nature’s bounty provides just the right materials for easily elegant place settings. Just tuck a place card into a little bundle of twigs and berries.

20. Glitter Walnuts

Glitter Walnuts

Source: Posh Little Designs

Combine nature and glam with these glitter-dipped walnut place card holders. Leaving half of the walnut plain creates a lovely contrast.

21. Twine-Wrapped Stones

Twine-wrapped Stones

Source: Style Me Pretty

Replicate the look of these charming place cards by wrapping twine around a large stone, tucking in a feather, and tying on name tags. The natural variation of stones will add interest and uniqueness to each place setting.

Thanksgiving Table Settings for Kids

The kids table at Thanksgiving sometimes leaves the little ones feeling like they were banished. Well, not this year! Make them feel special by creating Thanksgiving table settings just for the kids. Incorporate fall colors, pumpkins, and turkeys with elements of whimsy and fun. They’ll look forward to having their own little space to feast at, where they can giggle and have fun.

Create a table that will leave them feeling special and not an afterthought. With interactive place mats, games, and activities, they’ll cherish time with their relatives. Set their table near the adult table so they won’t feel left out — this also allows you to keep an eye on them!

22. Give them props

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_22

Source: Alpha Mom

Before the meal starts, let them create custom pilgrim hats, then take adorable photos to capture the memories.

23. Make-your-own snack table

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_22

Source: HGTV

While the adults are enjoying appetizers, set up an interactive snack table. Your little guests can make their own snack mix. This is perfect for picky eaters, and we bet you’ll find a few adults mixing their own bags when you’re not looking.

24. Turkey snack bags

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_24

Source: That’s What Che Said

Another option is to turn clear plastic gloves into turkey snack bags placed at each setting for the kids to enjoy.

25. Popcorn-filled turkey legs

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_25

Source: 1 Fine Cookie

Make the place card into a snack for later. It’s easy to turn little paper bags into popcorn-filled turkey legs.

26. Thanksgiving-themed coloring place mats

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_26

Print out our exclusive Thanksgiving place mats to use as you set your table. Add a mason jar filled with crayons and colored pencils so kiddos can color, write down what they’re thankful for, and play a little game of tic-tac-toe. Click on the image or link to download and print your place mats out!

27. Thankful chain

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_27

Source: One Charming Party

Have mason jars with strips of different colored construction paper and tape. Let the kids write down something or someone they’re thankful for on each strip, then staple them together to make a thankful chain.

28. Kraft paper place mats

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_28

Source: Say Yes

Take a paper plate and draw a circle on each sheet of kraft paper with a white marker. Write the children’s names at the top of each circle — now you have a name plate and a place to doodle.

29. Thanksgiving bingo

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_29

Source: Crazy Little Projects

Give them a little game to play with Thanksgiving Bingo. Print out the cards on cardstock and use candy as game pieces.

30. Coloring book tablecloth

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_30

Source: View from the Fridge

Take a roll of kraft paper to create a tablecloth, then draw place settings. Add a jar of crayons or colored pencils on the table to keep the kids busy.

31. Pumpkin tic-tac-toe

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas_31

Source: It’s Overflowing

Set up a pumpkin tic-tac-toe board for the kids to play with. Buy a pack of white and orange mini pumpkins at your local craft store and draw the base on kraft paper.

Whether you’re going for whimsy and playfulness or an au natural aesthetic that pays homage to autumn’s bounty, place settings set the mood for your holiday gathering. Personalize and prettify your table with simple materials, from stones to pinecones, or mix it up with spray-painted clothespins and vintage drawer pulls. Either way, the meal is sure to be memorable.


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