2012 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Holidays are just around the corner.  To help ensure that you’ll get your packages in time, please use the information below to determine 2012 holiday shipping deadlines for top online retailers.  Click on a retailer’s name to find online offers like sales, deals, and even free shipping coupon codes.

Store Shipping Method/Order Deadline Comments
Standard Express Fastest
6pm 14-Dec 11:59pm PST 19-Dec 1pm PST
Abercrombie & Fitch 20-Dec 12pm 21-Dec 12pm
Adobe 10-Dec 15-Dec
Aeropostale 20-Dec 22-Dec
Amazon 18-Dec 12am EST 21-Dec 7:59pm EST 23-Dec 3pm EST
American Eagle Outfitters 21-Dec 6am 22-Dec 1pm
Anne Klein 16-Dec 19-Dec
Anthropologie 19-Dec 1pm EST 19-Dec 1pm EST 19-Dec 1pm EST
Apple 18-Dec 21-Dec
Armani Exchange 20-Dec 11:59pm EST 22-Dec 12pm EST
Art.com 20-Dec 22-Dec
Babies R Us 19-Dec 3pm EST 21-Dec 3pm EST 21-Dec 3pm EST
Banana Republic 19-Dec 11:59pm EST 21-Dec 3pm EST
Barnes & Noble 13-Dec 11:59pm EST 18-Dec 11:59pm EST
Barney’s New York 12-Dec 22-Dec
Bath & Body Works 16-Dec 22-Dec
Bass Pro Shop 18-Dec 12pm CST 20-Dec 12pm CST 21-Dec 12pm CST
Bealls 16-Dec
Beauty.com 14-Dec 21-Dec
Best Buy 19-Dec  1pm EST 20-Dec  1pm EST 21-Dec 1pm EST
Bloomingdale’s 20-Dec 11:59pm EST 21-Dec 5pm EST
Brookstone 19-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
Burt’s Bees 17-Dec 20-Dec
Cabela’s 17-Dec 10pm EST 19-Dec 10pm EST 22-Dec 12pm EST
Cardstore 17-Dec 11:59pm EST 18-Dec 11:59pm EST 19-Dec 11:59pm EST
Chadwicks 12-Dec 11:59pm 19-Dec 11:59pm 21-Dec 12pm
Charlotte Russe 17-Dec  11:59pm PST 20-Dec  11:59pm EST 21-Dec  11:59pm EST
Chico’s 17-Dec 2pm EST 20-Dec 2pm EST 21-Dec 2pm EST
Coach 22-Dec 12pm EST
Collection Etc. 12-Dec 20-Dec
Corel 15-Dec 19-Dec
Costco 19-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
Cost Plus World Market 19-Dec 7pm PST 20-Dec 12pm PST 21-Dec 12pm PST
Crate & Barrel 20-Dec 1pm EST 20-Dec 1pm EST 21-Dec 1pm EST
Delia’s 12-Dec 22-Dec
Dell 14-Dec 12am EST 21-Dec 12am EST 22-Dec 12:59am EST
Disney Store 18-Dec 23-Dec
Eastbay 16-Dec 22-Dec
Eddie Bauer 20-Dec 11:59pm 21-Dec 3pm
Express 21-Dec 21-Dec
Footlocker 16-Dec 22-Dec
Forever 21 17-Dec  11:59pm PST 20-Dec  12pm PST
Fry’s 16-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
GameStop.com 9-Dec  1pm EST 20-Dec 1pm EST 23-Dec 1pm EST
GAP 19-Dec 11:59pm EST 21-Dec 2pm EST
GUESS 17-Dec 12pm EST 21-Dec 2pm EST
Harry & David 17-Dec
Hollister California 20-Dec 12pm 21-Dec 2pm
Home Depot 14-Dec 22-Dec
HP 17-Dec 10pm EST 20-Dec 10pm EST 21-Dec 10pm EST
J Crew 20-Dec 12pm EST 22-Dec 12pm EST
Joe’s New Balance Outlet 11-Dec 11am EST 20-Dec 11am EST 21-Dec 11am EST
JoyLot 17-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
JCPenney 19-Dec  11:59pm EST 22-Dec  12pm EST .
Kmart 18-Dec 22-Dec
Kohl’s 19-Dec 20-Dec
Land’s End 12-Dec 21-Dec
LEGO 18-Dec 20-Dec
Levi’s 16-Dec 22-Dec
Life is Good 18-Dec 21-Dec
Little Black Bag 9-Dec 12-Dec 18-Dec
Lowe’s Free In-Store pick-up until 6pm on Dec 24
Macy’s 20-Dec 11:59pm EST 21-Dec 5pm EST
Maxstudio 14-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
Meijer 12-Dec 22-Dec
Men’s Warehouse 20-Dec 6pm EST 22-Dec 12pm EST
ModCloth 12-Dec PST/ 14-Dec EST 19-Dec 20-Dec
My Jewelery Box 19-Dec
Newegg.com 17-Dec 3:30pm PST 20-Dec 3:30pm PST 21-Dec 3:30pm PST
New Balance 14-Dec 11am 21-Dec 11am
New York & Co. 16-Dec 20-Dec
Nike 21-Dec 21-Dec
Nine West 16-Dec 20-Dec
Nordstrom 21-Dec 3pm EST
Office Depot Free Next Day Delivery 11/27 – 12/31. Orders to be placed by 5pm.
OJCommerce 14-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
ONEIDA 19-Dec 21-Dec 3pm
Old Navy 19-Dec 21-Dec 3pm EST
Overstock.com 12-Dec 20-Dec
Piperlime 19-Dec 11:59pm 21-Dec 3pm
QVC.com 20-Dec
Radio Shack 16-Dec 22-Dec
Ralph Lauren 19-Dec 22-Dec 11am
Reebok 22-Dec
REI 19-Dec 19-Dec
Restaurant.com 17-Dec 21-Dec
Sears.com 16-Dec 22-Dec
Sephora 19-Dec 21-Dec
Shoebuy 16-Dec
Shutterfly 13-Dec  7pm EST 18-Dec  7pm EST 19-Dec  7pm EST * Dates for Photo gifts. Dates dependant on Product Category.
Steve Madden 16-Dec
Target 14-Dec  11:59pm EST 20-Dec  11:59pm EST
The Body Shop 14-Dec 22-Dec
The Children’s Place 12-Dec 20-Dec
The House 14-Dec 18-Dec 22-Dec
The North Face 17-Dec 2:59am EST 20-Dec 2:59am EST 22-Dec 3pm EST
Timberland 17-Dec 17-Dec
Toys R Us 19-Dec 3pm EST 20-Dec 3pm EST 21-Dec 3pm EST
UGG Australia 16-Dec 22-Dec
Urban Outfitters 18-Dec 10am EST 20-Dec 1pm EST 21-Dec 1pm EST
Vistaprint.com 9-Dec 8pm EST 16-Dec 8pm EST 18-Dec 8pm EST
Walmart 18-Dec 19-Dec  11:59pm EST 21-Dec  11:59pm EST
West Elm 20-Dec 9am PST 19-Dec 5pm EST 21-Dec 9am PST
White House Black Market 12-Dec 21-Dec
Williams-Sonoma 20-Dec 12pm 21-Dec 12pm
Wolferman’s 19-Dec
World of Watches 16-Dec 22-Dec
Zagg 15-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec
Zappos 16-Dec