20 Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations for School or Home

20 Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations for School or Home

Halloween might be the spookiest day of the year, but that doesn’t mean little ones can’t join in on the festivities. Fortunately, you can find plenty of ghoulish crafts that are as fun as they are scary. Each of these kid-friendly Halloween decorations are easy for the kiddos to make on their own as last-minute crafts, perfect for at-home or in the classroom.

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

glow in the dark slimeSource: apumpkinandaprincess.com

Gooey, green, and it glows in the dark. This slime, made out of glue, paint, borax, and food coloring, is sure to be a Halloween party hit.

2. Spooky Terrarium

Spooky TerrariumSource: allfortheboys.com

This creepy jar is an easy project for kids to undertake on their own. To create one, they’ll fill a glass container with sticks, stones, fake spiders, cobwebs, and any other spooky goodies of their choosing, such a small pumpkin.

3. Cardboard Haunted Houses

Cardboard Haunted HousesSource: pysselbolaget.se

This is a safer alternative to pumpkin carving that creates a similar effect. Kids can create their own haunted houses out of an old milk carton by punching holes with a needle in the design of their choosing (or by using the free template). Light them up with tea candles for beautiful mantle decor. Just be sure to place the candle in a glass votive first.

4. Silhouette Flashlight

Silhouette FlashlightSource: areal-lifehousewife.com

Make classroom nap time a little spooky this season with a Jack O’Lantern flashlight. A silhouette machine makes it easy, but you can also use good old scissors and construction paper. These are also the perfect trick-or-treating accessory to light the way on All Hallows’ Eve.

5. Plastic Lid Monsters

Plastic Lid MonstersSource: modernmom.com

Let kids make their own monsters out of plastic lids collected from milk and juice jugs. All they have to do is add googly eyes and construction paper mouths. These little ghouls can be created in the classroom and then turned into fridge magnets at home.

6. Boo Bowling

Boo BowlingSource: thatswhatchesaid.net

Move over trick or treating! It’s time for some boo bowling. Enjoy a homemade game of mini boo bowling made out of empty milk jugs (a flame-free take on jack-o’-lanterns) with black vinyl faces and a mini faux pumpkin bowling ball.

7. Ghost Confetti Poppers

Ghost Confetti PoppersSource: studiodiy.com

Help kids make these fun non-edible party accessories out of mini push pops, confetti and tissues. The ghost face is drawn on with a Sharpie, and you can easily make your own confetti with colorful construction paper and a hole puncher. This kid-friendly Halloween decor may require a little help from mom or a teacher.

8. Frankenstein Can

Frankenstein CanSource: myveryeducatedmother.com

Kids can conjure up their own version of this classic monster while recycling an old can. Use black felt for the hair and bottle corks for the neck bolts to complete the Frankenstein look. Another great Frankenstein version can be made with Popsicle sticks too!

9. Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft

Rolled Paper Pumpkin CraftSource: onecreativemommy.com

This pretty pumpkin is made out of the simplest materials ever: paper, scissors and glue. Help kids roll up strips of paper into little circles, then glue them together in the shape of this classic Halloween gourd. It might be the easiest craft on this list!

10. Eyeball Tree

Eyeball TreeSource: princessandthefrogblog.blogspot.com

Bring your backyard to life with this spooky Halloween-inspired tree. It’s fun to decorate small items, but sometimes it’s nice to think on a larger scale. Use beach balls and a Sharpie to create giant eyeballs on a tree in either your backyard or front yard to really scare trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

11. Monster Wreath

Monster WreathSource: happygoluckyblog.com

Using an orange feather boa to construct this unconventional Halloween wreath makes it a quick and easy project. Simply wrap the boa around a straw or foam base, then add googly eyes for a monster-like effect. Your front door will be the talk of the town.

12. Halloween Juice Boxes

Halloween Juice BoxesSource: skiptomylou.org

Your kids will enjoy creating and sipping these spirited drinks during snack time at school. To make the mummies, wrap juice boxes in masking tape, leaving a crease at the top for the eyebrows, then glue on googly eyes. Use free printables to decorate juice boxes as jack-o’-lanterns, or draw faces with a Sharpie on orange construction paper.

13. Crayon Pumpkin

Crayon PumpkinSource: theswelldesigner.com

We’ve featured mummy, play dough and ribbon pumpkin crafts, but now we have another idea that couldn’t be more kid friendly! If there’s one thing kids can definitely do, it’s scribble. Have them put that skill to good use by making this colorful crayon pumpkin. The colors will pop best on a white pumpkin.

14. Toilet Paper Roll Spiders

Toilet Paper Roll SpidersSource: mollymoocrafts.com

From bats to spiders–there seems to be no limit on the amazing crafts that a toilet paper roll can create. This spider, which is more cute than creepy, is made with a toilet paper roll, paint, pipe cleaners and some googly eyes.

15. Tissue Box Monsters

Tissue Box MonstersSource: gigglesgalore.net

This idea might have started as a way to curb tattling, but it’s a fun craft that’s perfect for this time of year. Kids will love transforming empty tissue boxes into delightful ghouls using paint, white foam craft teeth, and egg carton eyes.

16. Monster Pencils

Monster PencilsSource: the36thavenue.com

Colorful pompoms and googly eyes go a long way in turning pencils into fluffy little monsters. With this fun desk accessory, kids can partake in the Halloween spirit while still getting their homework done, which all teachers will love.

17. Smoking Boo Bombs

Smoking Boo BombsSource: growingajeweledrose.com

The smoke in these tiny egg bombs is actually baby powder so it’s totally safe and harmless. Little ones will love the explosive effect. Three simple black circles and hallowed out eggshells are all you need to make little ghost faces.

18. Glow Stick Balloons

Glow Stick BalloonsSource: sheknows.com

Glow sticks give these balloons their colorful illumination, and the faces are drawn on with black Sharpie. A few of these in a dimly lit room will set a spooky but cheerful mood for your classroom Halloween fete.

19. Mummy Cactus

Mummy CactusSource: gardentherapy.ca

The simple addition of googly eyes turns an old man cactus into a funny little mummy. Kids can garden and get into the scary seasonal spirit at the same time.

20. Acorn Spiders

Acorn SpidersSource: livecrafteat.com

Make use of autumn’s natural accessories to create an arachnid out of a pinecone. You’ll need black spray paint, pipe cleaners for the legs, and pompoms for the eyes.

Simple and inexpensive materials form the basis of these kid-friendly Halloween decorations. Create one of these easy crafts either at home or for a classroom project this spooky Halloween season. If you’re looking for other inventive ideas, then try your hands at these easy Halloween DIYs.

Get into the spirit of Halloween with even more creepy, cute, and crafty inspiration!


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