18 Creative New Year’s Resolution Reminders


Everyone knows the key to keeping resolutions is remembering them. So creating a concrete reminder of your 2015 ambitions with one of these innovative DIY projects is the best way to keep your resolutions. Whether you display them on a banner or gather them in a jar, these New Year’s resolution reminders will keep your goals front and center so you’ll be sure to stick with them.

1. Geometric Cork Boards (exclusive to The Good Stuff!)

Geometric Cork Boards

Turn 7” cork trivets into mod geometric corkboards that are perfect for displaying your 2015 goals. Decorate with black craft paint and painter’s tape, adding geometric motifs like stripes, squares, and triangles. Hang the trivets using black cording, write your resolutions onto colorful mini notecards, then stick them in using pushpins.


  • Three 7” cork trivets
  • Black craft paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Foam brush
  • Black leather cording
  • Thumb tacks (the ones shown are white)
  • Half-size colorful index cards (3” x 2.5”)


  1. Use the painter’s tape to mark off a geometric design on each trivet. The ones shown feature stripes, triangles, and squares.
  2. Use the foam brush to paint the exposed areas black. Allow to dry, then peel off the tape.
  3. Add a hanging loop by knotting together the ends of an 8” piece of leather cording, then attaching the cording to the back of the trivet by sticking a thumb tack through the knot and into the trivet. Repeat for the other tree trivets.
  4. Write our resolutions onto mini index cards, then stick them onto the boards using thumb tacks.

2. Embroidered Merit Badges

Embroidered Merit BadgesSource: Shiny Happy World

These adorable little pendants are made out of scraps of embroidered felt. Sew on imagery and words corresponding to your goal, then blanket stitch the fronts and backs together. You could keep the badges in a bag, display them in a bowl, or string them together.

3. Resolution Time Capsule

Resolution Time CapsuleSource: The Crafted Life

Use leftover holiday decor to plan the year ahead. Write down your goals on rolled strips of seal with a bit of tape, then stick them into a clear ornament along with bits of confetti. Store with the rest of your holiday decor and check in next year, or hang it prominently as a reminder to stay on track.

4. Fortune Cookie Messages

Fortune Cookie MessagesSource: Spoonful

This clever spin on the Chinese food classic is an original and whimsical way to plan for the year ahead. Patterned paper fortune cookies are beautiful reminders of your goals for the year ahead. They’re also adorable as table or party decor.

5. Resolution Party Mugs

Resolution Party MugsSource: Momtastic

These resolute mugs are a great way to get kids to set goals. Help them decorate glass or plastic bottles with chalkboard contact paper, then write on their resolutions. Fill the jugs iwth milk– or even juice for breakfast on January 1st so you’re sure to start off the year on the right foot.

6. Resolutions on a Stick

Resolutions on a StickSource: Every Nothing Wonderful

Your New Years resolutions will come naturally when displayed using nature’s bounty. Simply cut a straight slot into a stick or log, write your 2015 mantra on small bits of cardstock, and and slide them in.

7. Resolution Bracelets

Resolution BraceletsSource: Crafts Unleashed

There’s no slacking on your goals when you’re wearing them as a constant reminder. Print out inspirational words onto shrinkable plastic paper sheets (the free printable is helpful for this step), and tie bakers twine to either side.

8. Over-sized Chalkboard

Over-sized ChalkboardSource: Decoist

Kick off the new year on trend with this eye-catching addition to your home decor. Create a large chalkboard (or paint a wall) for prominent resolution display. It’ll keep you accountable– but you can also erase and modify as needed.

9. Printed Manifesto

Printed ManifestoSource: Creating Clever

Get ambitious with a boldly printed manifest for the year ahead. It’s easy to create one in a program such as InDesign, or even in Word. Print it out large (the one shown is 9” x 17”) at home or at a print shop. You could also draw words or create a collage for a similar effect.

10. Dry Eraser Boards

Dry Eraser BoardsSource: Homemade by Carmona

Keep track of your daily To Dos as well as larger goals with these elegant dry eraser boards. Old photo frames and patterned fabrics make them an attractive bit of wall decor, and you can always make changes.

11. Mini Resolution Book

Mini Resolution BookSource: Blueberry Skies

For a more private recording of your goals, make a mini book filled with your ambitions for the year. Use the free printable or create your own design, fill the pages with your hopes for the year ahead, then tuck it into an envelope for safekeeping.

12. Resolution Pockets

Resolution PocketsSource: Design Sponge

For a fun and festive way to ring in the New Year, make celebratory little pockets out of wrapping paper and a sewing machine. Fill them with confetti and printed resolutions, then had them out as party favors to be ripped open at midnight so you’ll be showered in words of inspiration. Gold and black are the perfect New Years palette.

13. Resolution Tree

Resolution TreeSource: Before It’s News

Write your goals for the year on newspaper circles and use twine to hang them from a bundle of branches. Then let the year blossom! You could also make this as a party centerpiece by having guests each contribute their own goal.

14. Felt Banner

Felt BannerSource: Breathe Happiness

Keep it simple with a single, declarative resolution for the year. This no-sew banner, made from felt and bondaweb, is a bold way to show off your primary goal for 2015.

15. Wall Hanging 

Wall HangingSource: The Winthrop Chronicles

A few simple materials are all it takes to create this wintry resolution display. Cut out snowflakes from one end of cardstock rectangles, write out your goals, then use clothespins to hang them from wire stretched in a frame.

16. Stamped Wood

Stamped WoodSource: Petite Fille Boheme

The supply list for this rustically elegant display is two items long. To make, just gather pieces of wood in varying colors and lengths, then stamp on words of inspiration.

17. Multimedia Journal 

Multimedia JournalSource: Freckled Nest

There’s no better way to record your goals than in a good old-fashioned journal. Start with an old photo album, remove the plastic sleeves, then create a multi-dimensional, multimedia recording of your goals for the year. In addition to written ambitions, include everything from sketches to yarn swatches.

18. Sticky Note Calendar

Sticky Note CalendarSource: Home Stories A to Z

This calendar looks pretty and will help you achieve your 2015 goals. To make your own, break down your ambitions into bite-sized daily goals, then keep track of them with Post-It notes stuck on a chalkboard base.

Whether you want to prominently display your 2015 resolutions or keep them tucked away as a personal reminder, making them concrete will get you one step closer to actually keeping them. And if one of your goals for the year ahead is to spend more time being creative, this is the perfect way to get started.