17 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with a Forever Guarantee


A Lifetime Warranty of Love: 17 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with a Forever Guarantee

Mother’s Day comes once a year, but a mother’s love is guaranteed for a lifetime. This Mother’s Day, honor Mom’s devotion and unconditional love with gifts that come with a forever guarantee. Whether your mother loves to cook, enjoys a good glass of wine, or is a style maven with a flair all her own, here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that are guaranteed for the life of the product — and beyond!

For Foodie Moms

Whether your mother enjoys whipping up delicious dishes for her family or just enjoys fine food fare, here are a few gifts that will make her Mother’s Day.

Cutco Cutlery


For the mom who puts Martha Stewart to shame, Cutco Cutlery offers high quality knives that can be passed down from generation to generation. Backed by The Forever Guarantee, these knives are not only guaranteed, well, forever, but Cutco also offers customers free, factory-serviced sharpening on their knives forever. Cutco has been in business since 1949, so it’s safe to say they know their way around the kitchen — just like Mom!

Where to buy: Cutco | Amazon

Peugeot Elis U-Select Electric Pepper Mills


Spice up Mother’s Day with a dash of pepper! What makes the Peugeot Elis U-Select Electric Pepper Mill so unique is that its grinding system allows users to select the size of the grind. Even better, these electric pepper mills come with a lifetime guarantee. If your pepper mill’s gears wear out or its grinding system comes to a halt, Peugeot will replace it.

Where to buy: Williams-Sonoma | AmazonAmazon

Wine Cruzer


Celebrate Mother’s Day enjoying a good glass of wine with Mom. Make it a fun, outdoor event in the picnic or park and tote along a Wine Cruzer filled with her favorite wines for a thoughtful, memorable gift. Making the memory even more special is the fact that each Wine Cruzer comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee that states, “Leave it to your next of kin. If it ever breaks, we’ll still replace it.” If they can’t fix it (for free!), Wine Cruzer will replace your item free of charge, ensuring your spot as Mom’s favorite forever!

Where to buy: WineCruzer.com

Meal Easy Baking Mats


If you’re one of the lucky children of a mother who wows her family with unbeatable homemade muffins, cookies, pies and more, give her a gift that she’ll love with an unbeatable guarantee. Meal Easy silicone baking mats are made from oven-safe, health-safe materials and have an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Where to buy: Amazon

For Health-Conscious Moms

Always on the move and keeping her family happy, healthy, and on-track, fitness-focused Moms will get a (health) kick out of these gift ideas with a lifetime warranty.

Manduka Yoga Mat


Every mom needs to clear her head and have a good stretch on a regular basis. Active moms will appreciate the thoughtful gift of a Manduka yoga mat. The eco-friendly yoga brand offers a lifetime guarantee on their Pro Series mats. If you want to be sure to stay out of the (downward) dog house this Mother’s Day, this mat would make a great gift along with a gift certificate for classes at Mom’s favorite local yoga studio. Namaste!

Where to buy: Amazon

Polar Water Bottle


Whether she’s headed to spin class or just running errands, Mom’s got to stay hydrated in style to keep up with her busy schedule — and her kids! Gift Mom with a Polar Bottle that’s backed with a lifetime guarantee. These durable, eco-friendly water bottles are made from BPA-free, BPS-free plastic and last a long time. Polar even mentions that some customers from way back in the 1990s still have their original Polar Bottles. You can even get Mom’s name or initials added to her bottle, too!

Where to buy: Amazon

Trek Bicycle Frames


Pedal your way into Mom’s heart this Mother’s Day and gift her with a bicycle from Trek. Moms on the go with a social and ecological conscience will be thrilled to know that their Trek bike comes with a lifetime guarantee on bike frames for many of their models.

Where to buy: TrekBikes.com

Ninja Blender


For all those times your health-conscious Mom told you to eat your veggies, now you can be sure she’s able to drink hers. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, the Ninja Blender has become extremely popular with health enthusiasts for its ability to crush ice, whole fruits, and veggies and turn them into tasty smoothies. Better yet, Mom will love that this nifty little kitchen appliance comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Where to buy: Walmart.com | Amazon

Jewelry for Mom

Sentimental moms find meaning in the simplest things. If you’ve got a mom who’s as good as gold, the following jewelers back their cultured creations with a lifetime warranty.

Kay Jewelers: Diamond and Color Gemstone Jewelry


The gift of jewelry on Mother’s Day is a sweet way for Mom to remember how much she means to you every time she puts on a cherished necklace or ring. To ensure Mom’s jewelry always shines as bright as she does, Kay Jewelers offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their diamond and color gemstone jewelry. Whether Mom loves diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or shimmering sapphires, Kay Jewelers will replace any of these stones should they become chipped, lost, or dislodged.

Where to buy: Kay

For the Adventurous Mom

Did you get your love of travel and the outdoors from Mom? Show her how much of an impact she’s left on you with lifetime guaranteed gifts that speak to her sense of adventure and travel.

L.L. Bean


Remember when you used to beg Mom to let you go camping? If you were lucky, Mom was more than willing to oblige, packing up the tent, sleeping bags, and S’mores for a weekend of outdoorsy fun. If not, maybe she just made sure you had a sporty new backpack for school. (Either way, it was a win-win scenario!) Relive those glory days and gift Mom with a monogrammed backpack, bag, or belt from all-American outdoor clothing company L.L. Bean. Their reputation for quality is unparalleled — and so is their 100% satisfaction guarantee on their goods and apparel!

Where to buy: LLBean.com

Gore-Tex Jackets


Every kid is protective of his or her mom. Remind Mom that you’ve got her back this Mother’s Day with a sporty windproof, waterproof Gore-Tex jacket. Functional and fashionable, Gore-Tex guarantees it will keep her dry. If not, they’ll repair it for free, offer a replacement jacket, or refund the cost of your purchase price.

Where to buy: Gore-Tex.com

Tilley Hats


If Mom’s an adventurous traveler, she’s sure to love Tilley’s line of travel clothing and hats. From feisty fedoras to laid back bucket hats, tuck a little airline gift certificate into the brim of a Tilley hat this Mother’s Day for a memorable present for Mom. Not only will she have the memories of a great trip to last a lifetime, she’ll have a lifetime guarantee on the Tilley hat she wore on her travels!

Where to buy: Amazon

For the Fashion Plate Mom

If there was one fashion lesson Mom may have taught you, it’s that nothing completes a look like great accessories. Here are some accessories with a lifetime guarantee that make great Mother’s Day gifts!

Saddleback Leather Goods


Renowned for quality leather, Saddleback Leather backs all of their leather belts, purses, and other fine leather items with a 100 year warranty. With a quirky tagline that proclaims “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead,” if Mom’s got a sense of humor as strong as her sense of style, she’ll fall in love with a the brand’s beautiful bags, belts, and laptop cases. And if Mom’s a shutterbug at heart, Saddleback has a vast selection of leather camera carry cases. No matter what beautiful leather item you give to Mom, it can become a family heirloom passed down for over 100 years with Saddleback’s peerless warranty.

Where to buy: SaddlebackLeather.com

Dr. Martens Boots


Your mama wears combat boots! No, that’s not an insult. If you’ve got a rock n’ roll mom who still likes to mix it up in the mosh pit, you’ll be her concert buddy for life if you present her with a pair of Dr. Martens combat boots for Mother’s Day. Affectionately known as “Docs” or “Doc Martens,” the brand has a reputation for their sturdy, rubber “Bouncing Sole” construction and timeless style. Whether Mom would love a pair of classic, 8-eyed greasy black leather boots or would prefer a funky floral print combat boot, all Dr. Martens boots come with a lifetime guarantee. (All you have to do is activate that lifetime guarantee online within 60 days of purchase.)

Where to buy: DrMartens.com | Amazon

Eddie Bauer Shoes


From sporty to classic and classy, Eddie Bauer offers something for every Mom. Built on the mantra that their products are “the best and built to last,” the venerable company has been in business since 1920. For almost a century, Eddie Bauer has offered a 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee on all products. For a gift as enduring (and endearing) as a mother’s love, let Mom know she’s guided your footsteps through life with a sweet pair of athletic shoes from Eddie Bauer or a pair of pretty sandals to wear while lounging poolside this summer.

Where to buy: EddieBauer.com | Amazon

Davek Umbrellas


Think back to all those times Mom loaned you her umbrella when you lost yours — even after she just got her hair done. Strong and elegant — just like Mom! — Davek Umbrellas have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Whether the dog chews on the umbrella’s fabric or it accidentally gets run over by a bike (with or without training wheels), Davek will replace Mom’s umbrella free of charge. And if she accidentally loses her umbrella, no worries! All Davek umbrellas come with a loss protection serial number that entitles her to a replacement umbrella at 50% off.

Where to buy: DavekNY.com | Amazon.com

Red Oxx Bags


If your Mom has an appreciation for all things tough, cute, and quirky, she’ll love a brand new Red Oxx bag for Mother’s Day. Whether she’s carting her laptop to and from the office or keeping a healthy supply of snacks, games, and books on-hand for the kids, Red Oxx bags are built to last and loaded with compartments for easy organization. Mom will also love Red Oxx’s “No Bull” lifetime warranty on their bags. If a bag is defective or accidentally damaged, she can return it for repairs and have it back home within 24-72 business hours of arrival. They offer free return shipping and will replace the bag free of charge if they’re unable to repair it.

Where to buy: RedOxx.com

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there from Coupons.com!

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