16 Amazingly Inventive Faux Pumpkin DIYs

16 Amazingly Inventive Faux Pumpkin DIYs

It’s that time of year again. With the onset of fall comes the ubiquity of all things pumpkin. While carving one is classic, why not think outside the box and try your hand at one of these inventive faux pumpkin DIYs? You can get creative with color, material and size to suit your decor.

1. Fabric Dot Pumpkin

Fabric Dot Pumpkin

Make your own fabric covered tacks from DIY buttons and thumbtacks, then use them to add a touch of whimsy and color to a faux white pumpkin.

2. Mason Jar Rings Pumpkin

Mason Jar Rings Pumpkin

Do you have leftover lids after canning all your summer produce? Use them to make this rustic chic pumpkin. A cinnamon stick stem is the perfect little topper.

3. Vintage Book Pumpkin

Vintage Book Pumpkin

Make this literary gourd from an old book. Simply cut through all of the pages, then glue some of them together to get the round pumpkiny effect.

4. Sweater Pumpkins

Sweater Pumpkins

With simple sewing skills, upcycle an old sweater into a set of cozy knit pumpkins. Sweaters with cable knits and ribbing add even more texture.

5. Dryer Vent Pumpkins

Dryer Vent Pumpkins

A quick trip to Home Depot will get you the supplies you need for this clever faux pumpkin project: a dryer vent and spray paint.

6. Yarn Ball Pumpkins

Yarn Ball Pumpkins

Only have a few minutes to decorate? Just stick a pine cone in the top of thrift store yarn balls and you’ve got cute little pumpkins for your tabletop.

7. Post Pumpkins

Post Pumpkins

Who said pumpkins had to be round? These mod wooden gourds are made from a 4×4 post and painted in stripes and spots.

8. Silk Pumpkins

Silk Pumpkins

Fancy up your fall decor with these snazzy silk pumpkins. Rich jewel-like hues are classy and perfect for fall.

9. Sequined Pumpkin

Sequined Pumpkin

Turn a cheap, plastic pumpkin into a little work of art by covering it in sequins. The sequins are stuck in place using pins, and the glittery stem adds a final touch of shimmer.

10. Dough Pumpkins

Dough Pumpkins

These little squashes come straight from the pantry–just flour, salt and water. Mixing in red and yellow food coloring gives them the appropriate pumpkiny hue.

11. Succulents Pumpkin

Succulents Pumpkin

This is an inspired idea for making a gourd out of greenery. This autumn decor will thrive all year long.

12. Bandana Pumpkin

Bandana Pumpkin

No sewing required to create this cute cowboy pumpkin out of a bandana. All you need is simple stuffing and wrapping.

13. Orange Slice Candies Pumpkin

Orange Slice Candies Pumpkin

This is a pumpkin you can pop in your mouth! This little treat is made of orange candy slices held together by toothpicks and topped off with a straw stem.

14. Wrapped Yarn Pumpkin

Wrapped Yarn Pumpkin

Wrap orange yarn around a hurricane glass to make this squat fuzzy pumpkin. The stem is simply a roll of jute twine stuck in the middle.

15. Scented Fabric Pumpkins

Scented Fabric Pumpkins

These fabric pumpkins will add a sweet smell to your fall decor via cloves or pumpkin pie spice. And you can have fun with fabrics of different colors and patterns.

16. Mercury Glass Pumpkin

Mercury Glass Pumpkin

This Pottery Barn knockoff is made by painting a clear glass pumpkin with Krylon Looking Glass paint, which creates a mirrored finish.

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