13 Imaginative Faux DIYs That’ll Trick The Eye

Faux DIYs

In the words of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrello, “ain’t nothing like the real thing”–or is there? These clever creations may look like everyday items at first glance, but they’re actually unexpected spins on the original. Use these faux DIYs to decorate your home, give as gifts, or just for the fun of it.

1. Tissue Flowers

tissue flowers

This bouquet is nothing to sneeze at. Made out of Kleenex and colored with markers, it’s a great project to do with the kids. And there’s no harm done when you forget to water them.

2. Egg Ice Cream Cone Sundaes

Egg Ice Cream Cone Sundaes

These ice cream cones can be used as party decor and they won’t melt! They’re made of eggs instead of ice cream, but still topped off with hot fudge, sprinkles, and a cherry.

3. Styrofoam Snow Cones

Styrofoam Snow Cones

These colorful snow cones are made out of painted styrofoam balls, and can be used to make a garland, place settings–you name it.

4. Orange Jack O’Lanterns

Orange Jack O’Lanterns

A hint of citrus will make your Halloween decor truly unique. Make these adorable mini jack-o-lanterns out of oranges. Grapefruits would work too.

5. Bicycle Seat Taxidermy

Bicycle Seat Taxidermy

It may look like a strange creature at first glance, but this humorous faux taxidermy is simply a re-purposed bicycle seat and handlebars.

6. Brick Books

Brick Books

How’s this for heavy reading material? Paint bricks to look like literary works and use them to decorate your outdoor space, or even your bookshelves.

7. Rock Cactus

Rock Cactus

All the prettiness with none of the prickles. You can create a faux cactus garden by adding a little color to some stones.

8. Strawberry Acorns

Strawberry Acorns

Strawberry season may be over, but you can include this summery fruit in your autumn decor by painting acorns.

9. Sock Cupcakes

Sock Cupcakes

These sweet treats are made of rolled-up spa socks and are a great gift or party favor. You could also make them out of baby socks.

10. Embroidery Thread Feather

Embroidery Thread Feather

Liquid starch helps these embroidery thread feathers keep their shape. You can use them for jewelry or home decor and have fun with different colors and designs.

11. Plastic Spoon Bugs

Plastic Spoon Bugs

These little bugs on a branch are made out of plastic spoons–and they’re more adorable than creepy crawly.

12. Straw Pencil Drink Stirrers

Straw Pencil Drink Stirrers

These pencil drink stirrers are cleverly disguised straws made with silver twine and pink crepe paper.

13. Fake Pear Birdies

Fake Pear Birdies

Create these whimsical little birdies by painting small, fake pears. The branch is a paper towel roll wrapped in yarn.