15 DIY Map Crafts to Inspire Your Inner Explorer!

15 DIY Map Crafts to Inspire Your Inner Explorer! | thegoodstuff

Source: Hey Hey Mandy Kay

Columbus Day is an American national holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the new world back in 1492. What better way to celebrate and commemorate one of the world’s greatest explorers than with DIY map crafts.

Old maps or new, home décor items or wearable accessories, projects crafted from maps are sure to awaken the inner explorer in all of us!

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1. Vintage Map Coasters


Source: DIY Ready

Give your table some rustic charm with these old-world map coasters. Simply adhere and seal old maps to square tiles. Make it personal by using maps of your hometown or favorite vacation spot.

2. Magnetic Map Boards


Source: Simplicity in the South

Dollar store trays become chic and handy memo boards thanks to the addition of spray paint and maps. Pick colorful maps for a vibrant display or choose neutral ones for a more toned down version.

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3. Miniature Map Magnets


Source: Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Conjure up happy memories and/or commemorate your favorite worldly spots with framed map magnets. Pick frames that match your décor and try to cut out your images from a single map to make a coordinating set.

4. Birthplace Key Chains


Source: Crafts by Amanda

Commemorate your birthplace with this awesome key chain idea. The use of pre-made acrylic shapes makes this a quick and easy project for any skill level.

5. Photo Map


Source: Cut Craft Create

Keep track of all the places you’ve visited in this unique and clever way. Instead of just marking locations on a map with a pin or flag, cut out your favorite picture from the trip in the shape of the state and lay it over the map. What a fun and visual way to keep track of your travels and memories!

6. The World is Your Oyster Globe


Source: Weekend Craft

Old globes abound at thrift and antique stores. Find one with a patina that works with your décor and then add your favorite phrase in vinyl or paint to create a sentimental and inspiring home accessory.

7. Map Birdhouses


Source: Crafts by Amanda

Bright maps are great for adhering to almost any surface. Here, plain and simple birdhouses are given happy makeovers with paint and maps featuring topography in matching colors.

8. Map Monogram Letter


Source: Callaloo Soup

Create an ever-present reminder to always explore the world around you with a simple map monogram. Attach a bright map to a plain letter from the craft store for this ultra chic yet super simple bookshelf accessory.

9. Map Chair


Source: Roddy and Ginger

Thanks to their large size and interesting patterns, maps are great for up-cycling furniture. Choose maps that have personal meaning or tell an interesting story to really create a conversation piece.

10. Map Flowers


Source: B.B. Bellezza

Here’s a perfect craft for any old maps you may find in the basement or thrift store. Cut them into flower shapes, stack, and secure to make a unique table centerpiece.

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11. Map Clock


Source: Mod Podge Rocks

In a travel or worldly-themed space, a map-covered clock is the quintessential accessory. Secure and seal a map to a wooden round and then add numbers and a clock face.

12. Map Lampshade


Source: Silver Boxes

A map is a creative way to cover up an old or dingy lampshade. Use craft adhesive to attach the map to the shade, and then trim the edges with ribbon. This project works best on cylindrical shades, so choose your shade wisely!

13. Map Leaf Wreath


Source: Pivotal Xpressions

Here’s a fun project to use up a variety of colorful (and partially damaged) maps. Cut out the prettiest spots of each map into leaf shapes. Secure them all to a wreath form to create a welcoming door display.

14. State Necklace Pendants


Source: Doodlecraft

Show your state pride with this adorable jewelry project! All you need are Shrinky Dink sheets and print outs of your favorite countries or states. Make a whole set of your favorite places, and don’t forget to include a heart to show where you’re from.

15. Map Chalkboard Globe


Source: Hey Hey Mandy Kay

Here’s an awesome project for turning a plain globe into an awesome home accessory. Cut out your favorite saying from vinyl and adhere it to a globe. Spray the globe with chalkboard paint and then remove the vinyl letters to reveal the mapped words underneath. Be sure to lay your words over the prettiest parts of the globe to really maximize the effect.

If you have the day off this Columbus Day, celebrate the discovery of this great nation by creating one of these fun projects. Keep your eyes out for maps or atlases at thrift and antique stores for unique and budget-friendly versions.

Whether you want to commemorate a favorite spot, show some local pride, or simply give new life to something old, maps are an ideal crafting medium for creating interesting and unique things for your home.


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