15 Clever Uses for Everyday Items

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Need to organize your jewelry, pot some plants, or make wine charms for an impromptu get together? Check out these clever uses to accomplish practical tasks using everyday items you may already have on hand.

1. Buttons Earring Holders

Buttons Earring Holders

You don’t need a fancy jewelry box to keep your earrings sorted. Just stick them into buttons and you’ll never lose another pair.

2. Rubber Band No-Slip Clothing Hangers

Rubber Band No-Slip Clothing Hangers

Keep your clothes from slipping off their hangers by sliding rubber bands around the ends. Now your silky spaghetti straps will stay off the floor!

3. Binder Clip Money Clip

Binder Clip Money Clip

Carry your cash in a binder clip as it takes up less space than a wallet, and you can decorate it with washi tape or fabric.

4. Pool Noodle Boot Stands

Pool Noodle Boot Stands

Now that boot season has started–and swimming season is over–avoid wrinkled boots by propping them up with fabric-covered pool noodles.

5. Paper Clip Zipper Pull

Paper Clip Zipper Pull

Want to know a quick fix for that broken zipper pull? Replace it with a paper clip. You could add a bead or other bobble as well.

6. Kitchen Towel Curtains

Kitchen Towel Curtains

Hanging kitchen towels from curtain rings is a clever idea. It’s an easy way to create cafe curtains that you can match to your decor.

7. Shoe Storage Ladders

Shoe Storage Ladders

Ladders aren’t just for tackling heights anymore. They’re perfect for shoe storage as well. You can also use them to store ribbon like The Daily Marker, or outdoor plants as seen on The Inspired Room.

8. Silverware Hooks

Silverware Hooks

These up-cycled organizers are both chic and savvy. Easily make hanging hooks out of bent silverware.

9. Teacup Planters

Teacup Planters

No need to buy a flower pot again. You probably already have a few too many mugs, so now turn them into pretty little planters. Patterned or colorful mugs would look lovely as well.

10. Bread Tag Wine Charms

Bread Tag Wine Charms

Keep track of your vino with wine charms made out of bread tags. They’re cheap enough that you can personalize a new set for every group of guests you have over–though you may need to eat a lot of sandwiches.

11. Sock Cozies

Sock Cozies

Don’t throw away that pair-less sock. With some scissors, a needle and thread (or just bonding tape), you can turn it into a mug or bottle cozy so your coffee won’t catch a chill!

12. Egg Carton Paint Palette

Egg Carton Paint Palette

If you’ve been enjoying a lot of omelettes lately, you have an easy DIY paint palette on hand. Simply fill each pod with paint and you’re good to go.

13. Six Pack Condiment Carrier

Six Pack Condiment Carrier

Have a few beers at your next BBQ, and use the leftover cardboard six pack to store condiments. Stash utensils, ketchup, mustard, salt and even paper napkins in the various compartments.

14. Cupcake Liner Candle Votives

Cupcake Liner Candle Votives

If you’re a baking enthusiast, why not use some of those extra cupcake liners, which come in an array of colors and patterns, as delicate candle votives.

15. Straw Stem Extender

Straw Stem Extender

Give that bouquet a lift with this clever use for an everyday item. Keep flower stems straight and extend their length using plastic drinking straws.

Nowadays you can buy a gadget to do just about anything. But if you get creative with mundane items, from office supplies to kitchen utensils, you can save yourself some time and money. So the next time you need a practical quick fix, spare your wallet and exercise your imagination.

Remember those bread tags mentioned earlier? Well there are other clever uses for them like organizing hair ties, using them as earbud holders or even guitar picks!


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Great tips! Another one that I love is to simply roll up old magazines and use them to hold up your boots. Works like a charm!

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