14 Tasty Teacher Apple Treats Too Sweet to Resist

14 Tasty Teacher Apple Treats Too Sweet to Resist | thegoodstuff

Have you ever thought about sending your child to school with a special treat for their new teacher? Start the school year off right with a gesture of support and appreciation for your child’s teacher. What better way to welcome teachers than with an apple-themed treat! From crispy to fudgy, we’ve found 14 cute and easy teacher apple treats they’ll love!

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1. Candied Apples


Source: KitchMe

Take your kiddo’s new teacher an old-fashioned treat. Make your own candied apples and share a batch with all the staff at your school.

2. Mini Oreo Apple Pops


Source: Skip to My Lou

Mini Oreos make the base for these cute apple pops. For an easy way to thank your child’s favorite teacher, have your child present a handful of these yummy pops to them.

3. Krispy Apple Treats


Source: Gourmet Mom on the Go

Make these “krispy” apple treats for a simple teacher gift. Have your kids help by inserting the Tootsie Roll® stems — just make sure they don’t eat them all!

Be sure to check for Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies and Tootsie Roll® coupons!

4. Inside-Out Caramel Apples


Source: Hungry Happenings

Gift teachers some delicious caramel fudge in apple form with these indulgent inside-out caramel apples. They’ll really know they’re appreciated with this yummy gesture!

5. Apple Truffles


Source: Foodlets

Truffle treats shaped like apples make a fantastic welcome back gift for teachers. They’re easy to assemble and have a rich chocolatey flavor that makes them addictive.

6. Apple Pretzel Bites


Source: Two Sisters Crafting

Bite-sized apple pretzels have an irresistible salty-sweet combo. A tin of these treats can be tucked in a teacher’s desk drawer for a needed bite of energy.

7. Apple Cookies


Source: Living Locurto

These little apple muffins are actually cookies in muffin tins. Food coloring gives sugar cookie dough a red hue that makes perfect apple look-alikes. These little treats are just the right size for popping them in your mouth!

8. Apple Marshmallows


Source: JaMonkey

Sugar-coated marshmallows double as easy-to-make apple treats. Make your child’s teacher feel special by gifting these marshmallow apple treats on the first day of school.

9. Caramel Chew Apple Pops


Source: Lindsay Ann Bakes

These caramel apple pops are perfect for candy lovers. Caramel chews coated in candy melts make adorable apple treats that are perfect for gifting.

10. Cinnamon Sugar Cookies


Source: Simply Suzanne’s At Home

These darling and delicious apple cookies are a great way to welcome a new teacher. Package these in clear cellophane bags tied with twine for an irresistable treat.

11. Triple-Dipped Caramel Apples


Source: Lil’ Luna

Show your appreciation with triple dipped caramel apples. Three layers of yumminess will make for happy teachers!

12. Apple Pretzels


Source: Party Pinching

You can never go wrong with a sweet and salty combo, and pretzels coated with white chocolate make a great teacher’s gift. Bonus — these treats can be stored in a teacher’s desk drawer and won’t spoil!

13. Apple Doughnut Cupcakes


Source: Anders Ruff

Use a doughnut-shaped baking pan and cupcake batter or buy and decorate store-bought doughnuts for a treat teachers are sure to appreciate. Deliver with a tin of tea to make any teacher’s day!

14. Mini Caramel Apples


Source: At Home In Love

Caramel apples are a treat, but a big, bulky apple may make a mess of a teacher’s desk. Put your melon baller to work on large apples to make perfectly round mini apples. Your child’s teacher will be delighted with these non-messy and delicious snacks!

Make your sweets even sweeter

With so many cute ideas for teacher treats, now all you need is a creative way to package them! Here are a few budget-friendly ideas for wrapping baked treats:

1. Tuck smaller treats into large mason jars

Tie with a bow and add a note to create a reusable container for your teacher to keep!

2. Wrap in brown kraft paper

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most beautiful. Place your treats in the center of a large strip of brown kraft paper (available in the wrapping paper section of most craft stores). Or ask your butcher for a few feet of butcher paper. They often oblige for no cost at all! Tie with twine and you’re ready to share.

3. Place in a plastic bag

If you’ve got resealable plastic bags already in your kitchen, slide a few treats inside and staple a piece of paper folded over the top of the baggie. Place a handmade sticker label on the front of the bag. The finished product looks like it was packaged by a pro, but you did it at home for pennies!

4. Box it up

Portable cake and cookie boxes can typically be purchased for under $5 in the cake décor section of most craft stores. Just stack your DIY treats inside and tie with a bow. Voila! Bakery-style baked goods sent straight from home.

5. Reuse bakery trays

If you purchase bakery items with plastic trays from your grocer, save them for later use. Homemade cookies and cupcakes stack up adorably in these perfect sized reusables.
Your turn! Found something you love from this list? We’d love to see a photo! Post it here or on Facebook and be sure to tag us in it. We can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up!

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