14 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Old Light Bulbs

Ways to Reuse Old Light Bulbs

Even after the fuse burns out, light bulbs can still serve a multitude of purposes. Check out these bright ideas on ways to reuse old light bulbs and up-cycle them into fun and elegant home decor.

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1. Twine Pears Centerpieceslight bulb twine pears

Source: Sweet Society

Wrap light bulbs with twine and add a little twig stem. Now you’ve got rustic, chic table decor and centerpieces for fall.

2. Wire Floating Vaseslight bulb vases

Source: The Merrythought

Create these contemporary vases using light bulbs of various shapes and sizes. Mounting them with wire creates a lovely floating effect. You can fill them with delicate flowers or even fall leaves.

3. Fish Tank

Source: Upcycling 101

Do your fishy a favor and use a big light bulb for this one. Empty out the bulb, fill with gravel and water, and you’ve got a beautiful and unique aquarium.

4. Snow Globelight bulb snow globe

Source: Magical Daydream

Make a magic little world inside an emptied out light bulb using polymer clay (or pre-made figurines) and some glitter.

5. Oil Lamplight bulb oil lamp

Source: Apartment Therapy

Keep the light shining long after the bulb has dimmed with this DIY oil lamp. You can use clear or colorful lamp oil depending on your decor.

6. Hanging String Terrariums

Reuse Old Light Bulbs_terrarium

Source: The Hipster Home

Keep a little bit of nature close by at all times. Fill an empty bulb with small rocks and green moss for a no-fuss terrarium that’s simple and elegant.

7. Concrete Wall Hooklight bulb concrete wall hook

Source: Apent Hus

Make something cool and unique to hang your hat (or scarves or coats) on. Learn how to fill an old bulb with concrete, then break the surrounding glass so you’re left with a one-of-a-kind wall hook. This DIY might take a bit more skill, but it’s totally worth it.

8. Sharpie Light Bulbs

Reuse Old Light Bulbs_sharpiebulbs

Source: Eclectically Vintage

Go custom and put those Sharpies to use by creating a fun design on your old light bulbs. Show off your artwork as a centerpiece on your coffee or dining table.

9. Glitter Ornamentlight bulb glitter ornament

Source: Kittenhood

All  you have to do to make your decor gleam is coat an old bulb with glitter. You can use these as holiday ornaments or hang them from branches for everyday decorations.

10. Loop Necklaceslight bulb necklace

Source: Stuff Steph Does

This is the perfect use for all those burnt-out little decoration lights. Turn them into a stylish bit of neck wear that will be on trend any day of the year.

11. Spray Paint Centerpieceslight bulb centerpiece

Source: Capitol Romance

Reuse old light bulbs as lovely centerpieces for a wedding or dinner party. Simply spray paint a bunch of light bulbs in various shapes and sizes and place them in a large glass container.

12. Burnt-Out Wreathlight bulb wreath

Source: Mother Earth Living

A bundle of bulbs stuck into a foam base creates a fun and festive door wreath. Spray paint the entire wreath one color or paint each bulb each color of the rainbow.

13. Origami Mobilelight bulb origami mobile

Source: Carnets Parisiens

Time to brush up on those paper folding skills! Create this whimsical mobile by placing origami birds inside old bulbs.

14. Hot Air Balloons  light bulb hot air balloons

Source: Jennuine

These playful little balloons are perfect nursery decor. Make them by covering old bulbs with fabric and then hanging them with twine.

Don’t trash those old bulbs. With their delicately curved shape and convenient little size, light bulbs are surprisingly versatile items. All it takes is a few simple materials to turn them into fanciful home decor. Before you start any of these DIY projects, be sure to first check out this tutorial to learn how to hollow out your old light bulb with a few easy steps.


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