13 Ways to ‘Cope’ With Your Kids Going Back to School

Now that August is upon us, it’s time to start winding down the summer activities and to begin the transition into Back to School mode. Of course, we understand that the kids have been with you (constantly) all summer so, in an effort to ease the shocking withdrawals, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help you ‘cope’ with your kids going back to school.

1. Treat Yourself
After spending the summer months exhausting every possible snack option in your arsenal, it’s time to treat yourself. Pick the best possible sinful snack that you can imagine, fix it up and eat it gone before the kids get home … or take the last bite as they walk in the door.
Treat Yourself


2. Bubble Bath
You’ve spent months frantically running around; balancing chaos and acting as your family’s personal chauffeur so, we believe you’re entitled to ultimate relaxation. Two words; bubble bath. Yes, shut the door, dim the lights, draw a bath, grab a book and drift away.
Bubble Bath

3. Go Shopping
We’re certain you’ve been shopping in the last few months but we’re also pretty sure it included a temper tantrum in protest of the items you wanted for your kids and again when you deny them the things that they wanted for themselves. Now, without kids hanging all over you and begging for everything in sight, enjoy some much needed retail therapy of your own.  If you’re shopping online, don’t forget to coupon codes!

Go Shopping

4. Vacuum the Car
If you find that all this relaxing has you wanting to do something a bit more productive, it might the perfect time to vacuum the car. Just imagine how rewarding it will be to watch a summer of beach sand and scattered cheerios erased before your eyes, once and for all.

5. Watch YOUR Show
Now that the kids are back in school, you don’t have to watch one more minute of elementary daytime television programming. By all means, grab that remote, leave Shaun the Sheep and SpongeBob in the dust and finally watch the show of YOUR choosing.
Watch Your Show

6. Listen to YOUR Music
The premise here is the same as above … no more One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen (or any other Top 40 for that matter) on constant repeat. Now is the time to pick YOUR radio station or put on some vintage Zeppelin and get the Led out!

Listen to Your Show

7. A Moment of Silence
We’re guessing that the last few months have been a brimming dose of over stimulation. That said, now that the kids are back at school and launching their constant assault of questions at an underpaid teacher, revel in a true moment of silence and just soak up the lack of sound.
Moment of Silence


8. Talk to An Adult
After three months of speaking plainly, so that a five-year-old could understand it, it’s time to have an ultra adult conversation. Yes, call the smartest person you know and challenge them to a rousing debate or simply pick their brain about something beyond your comprehension.
Talk to an Adult

9. Finish That Project
Remember those Pinterest DIY inspirations that you were so excited about last spring, then put aside to entertain the kids for the summer? Well, now is the time to resume all your personal projects and see them through to completion.  Or not.  That’s okay too.

Finish that Project

10. Naptime
Because summers are infamous for late nights and early mornings, Back to School means getting back to a steady sleep routine. Sure, you can worry about the kids at night but make sure that first Monday’s schedule marks ‘NAPTIME!’ for you.

11. AppTime
Once your adult naptime has been completed, feel free to ease into the rest of your afternoon with a mobile app that you’ve long neglected. Whether you’re catching up on a backlog of ‘Words with Friends’ games or whether there’s an ‘Angry Bird’ that needs to be itched, the time is yours!
App Time

12. Adult Friendly Restaurant
Because you’ve spent all summer eating at restaurants with a “kid friendly” menu or where “kids eat for free,” it’s time to treat yourself to an adult restaurant, with an adult atmosphere. Now, we’re not saying it’s suddenly time to start eating caviar and escargot but it is most definitely time to dine somewhere quiet and sophisticated.


13. Just Celebrate
Let’s be honest, it doesn’t really matter what you do to deal with your newfound freedom from the kids … whether it be something from the list above or a creation of your own, all we ask is that you take the time to celebrate!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of ways to ‘cope’ with your kids going back to school. Although the house will be awfully quiet, we trust you’ll find a way to make the best of it.

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