13 DIY Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

diy gifts for dogs

It is gift giving season and we can’t forget our four legged friends! Give dogs and their owners special, personalized gifts to show how much you care. Our DIY gifts for dogs and dog lovers feature affordable crafts made with love, from homemade shampoo to custom wall decor.

Etch A Treat Jar

Etch A Treat JarSource: Decor and the Dog

Going to a party? Show up with a gift for your hostess’s dog. Etch their name on a jar and fill with treats.

Create Personalized Dog Ornaments

Personalized Dog OrnamentsSource: The Bark Post

This will be a party conversation starter! Every dog owner needs to have their own custom dog ornaments!

Gift Pail of Pet Supplies

Gift Pail of Pet SuppliesSource: IHeart Organizing 

Be different! Ditch the wine basket and bring your host a pail of goodies for their dog. Personalize a colorful pail and fill it with dog toys, treats and shampoo.

Make a Patchwork Pet Bed

Patchwork Pet BedSource: The Good Stuff 

Cut out squares from old blankets and sweaters to make a comfy, cozy patchwork dog bed.

Dog Breed Tea Towel

Dog Breed Tea TowelSource: Pretty Fluffy  

Stencil an adorable tea towel for your dog loving friends. Wrap it around a canister of tea for a unique holiday hostess gift.

Duct Tape a Dog Leash

Duct Tape a Dog LeashSource: Sew Doggy Style

Rock the dog walk with this colorful dog leash made with a roll of your favorite duct tape.

No Sew DIY Dog Pom Pom Scarf

No Sew DIY Dog Pom Pom ScarfSource: Pretty Fluffy

Don’t throw away that old sweater! Cut a strip that will wrap around the dogs neck and add a strip of pom pons with your hot glue gun.

Dog Collar Bow Tie

Dog Collar Bow TieSource: Good Dogs & Co

Give the gift of fashion to you favorite pooch. You need a dog collar, fabric, thread, needle and scissors.

Personalized Dog Coaster

Personalized Dog CoasterSource: Abyerly  

This is such a fun gift to give. Take photos of your friends dog. Print out your favorite dog photos and Modge Podge on to tiles from your local hardware store.

DIY Dog Wine Toppers

DIY Dog Wine ToppersSource: Dog Milk 

Pair these stylish dog wine stoppers with a bottle of your host’s favorite wine.

Homemade Oatmeal Dog ShampooSource: Doggie Buddy

Create a luscious batch of oatmeal shampoo from ingredients you have at home. Fill old frappucino bottles and make a cute label.

Dog Silhouette Canvas

Dog Silhouette CanvasSource: Good Dogs & Co  

Turn a photo of your dog into a piece of wall art. Get an old canvas at your local thrift store and cover with a coat of paint.

Hate DIY But Want To Give A Custom Gift?

shutterfly custom dog giftsSource: Shutterfly

Take a photo of your host’s dog and turn it into a treasure at Shutterfly. No crafting required.

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