12 Whimsical DIY Wedding Hair Accessories

12 Whimsical DIY Wedding Hair Accessories | thegoodstuff

Your wedding ensemble should be perfect from head to toe. Though gowns often get all the attention, a statement wedding headpiece can transform your outfit from everyday to outstanding. Whether you want to add a delicate detail or make an eye-catching statement, this selection of DIY wedding hairpiece tutorials is sure to offer big day inspiration.

1. Threaded Bead Headband



  • White plastic headband, ½ inch thick
  • White or ivory pearl cotton thread
  • Beads in color of your choice
  • Needle
  • Strong Glue


  1. Cut a very long piece of thread, about 4 feet or however long you’re comfortable working with (it goes quickly when wrapped).
  2. Squeeze a small blob of glue onto the back of one end of the headband.
  3. Begin wrapping the thread around the headband, being sure it sticks to the glue.
  4. Once you’ve wrapped a couple inches or so, thread your first bead. Pull it through so that it sits on the headband and continue wrapping.
  5. Continue to add beads at whatever intervals you like (those pictured are about 1 inch apart, or every 20 wraps of thread).
  6. When you come to the end of your thread, secure it with glue. Begin a new piece with glue as you did at the start of the headband.
  7. Continue wrapping until the headband is completely covered. Finish it off with another blob of glue and trim the thread at the end.

2. 1920s Headpiece


Source: Tuts Plus

You’ll make a big statement in this Givenchy-inspired headdress. The combination of draped pearls and a studded headband is a real show stopper.

3. Beaded Embellishment


Source: Creme de la Craft

You can turn any beaded embellishment or brooch into a headband. Just layer tissue paper and ribbon underneath it and adhere it to a simple band base.

4. Pearl Crown


Source: A Bird’s Leap

Make a simple wire crown wrapped with pearls. The resulting headpiece is both delicate and bohemian.

5. Birdcage Veil


Source: Wedding Chicks

If you want to take a modern spin on tradition, this veil is for you. Use the tutorial to create one that’s unadorned, or add a flower accent or two.

6. Beaded Floral Crown


Source: LuLu’s

This statement piece combines multi-shaped white beads and a big pink flower (you could use faux or real flowers). The unexpected touch will make your wedding ensemble truly memorable.

7. Floral Combs


Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Combs are a great way to add a little eye-catching accessory without going overboard. To make these, attach a piece of cardboard to a comb, then glue on ribbons and flowers.

8. Vintage-style Tiara


Source: NES Studio

Wrap a collection of beads around a headband for this elegant floral headpiece. Sculpted rosebud flowers make for an especially lovely addition if you have them.

9. Double Lace Headband


Source: McLaughlin Designs

A double dose of lace is elegant and pretty. All you’ll need to create it is elastic and lengths of lace or ribbon.

10. Draping Pearls Headpiece


Source: Clones ‘n’ Clowns

A dramatic dose of draping pearls makes any updo unique. Combining differently shaped pearls creates even more interest.

11. Wire Bow


Source: Skunk Boy

For the casual bride, adorn your hair with a simple wire bow. You can use any fabric you like, though this delicate floral is perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

12. Flower Wrap


Source: The Beauty Department

For a simple but striking accessory, wrap real flowers around a bun. You’ll need wire and floral tape, and an open, flat flower that will sit nicely against your head, such as roses and gardenias.

Unique and handmade touches will make your wedding day especially memorable, and these DIY wedding hair accessories fit the bill. They’re easy and inexpensive to make, so even the busiest bride can pull them off — and they’ll ensure your nuptials are one-of-a-kind from top to toe.

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