Style Upgrades: 12 DIY Fall Fashion Hacks

Style Upgrades: 12 DIY Fall Fashion Hacks | thegoodstuff

Shopping for a new season of clothing styles can easily break the bank. But did you know that all you need for a new wardrobe can be found in your current wardrobe?

With some creativity and simple alterations and additions, you can transform old clothing into something fun, different, and stylish. Whether you want to wear the latest trends or just update your personal look, you’ll love these clever DIY fall fashion hacks.

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1. Banded Infinity Scarf


A flimsy scarf becomes instantly cozier when turned into an infinity scarf. And by covering the seam with a strip of patterned fabric, you’ll make this neckwear a standout addition to your autumn ensembles.


  • Old scarf (finely knit and relatively wide works best)
  • Scrap of colorful fabric (lightweight cotton is best)
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Iron


  1. First, you’ll sew together the ends of the scarf to make a loop. Overlap the two ends about a 1/4 inch and pin together. Sew a single straight line through both layers.
  2. Measure the length of the seam you just sewed (in this case, 20 inches). Add 2 inches to this length, and cut your fabric to a strip measuring this amount long (in this case, 22 inches) by 2 inches wide.
  3. Fold the long sides of the fabric strip to the center so that they meet, and iron in place.
  4. Pin the fabric strip over the seam so the seam is centered. Overlap 1 inch at each end and fold it over the edge of the scarf. Be sure to catch the overlap with the pins so you’ll sew through it.
  5. Sew two straight lines along both long edges of the fabric, sewing as close to the edge as you comfortably can. Trim loose ends, wrap around your neck, and enjoy!

2. Fur Cuffs


Source: Love Maegan

Fancify a plain coat with these stylish faux fur cuffs. Best of all, since they’re detachable, you can also use them to add a little extra warmth to a sweater, dress, or any other outfit.

3. Embellished Fingerless Gloves


Source: Boxwood Avenue

Make these cozy and glamorous gloves in under 20 minutes. Just glue jewel embellishments onto plain fingerless gloves and sparkle while you keep your palms toasty.

4. Leather Cuff Jeans

fall-fashion-hacks_04 Source: Brit + Co

Jeans are a year-round staple, but you can make yours a standout part of your fall wardrobe by adding leather cuffs. A golden leather makes for eye-catching contrast, but you could use black or brown leather for a more classic look.

5. Metallic Shoulder Flannel


Source: Encourage Fashion

Make your flannel shirts a bit more glam with metallic shoulders. Just stitch on a panel of lame fabric for a look that’s cowgirl meets club.

6. Heart Elbow Patches


Source: Honestly WTF

An unremarkable sweater becomes exceptionally adorable when you add felt heart-shaped elbow patches. You’ll need wool roving and a felting block, but don’t be intimidated — felting is an easy skill to pick up.

7. Carwash Pleated Skirt


Source: Love Maegan

This unique look is a hit on the fall runways, but you don’t have to buy designer labels to get it. Simply cut long pleats into any knee-length skirt, and go as high as you like (or pair it with a slip for a more conservative ensemble).

8. Faux Fur Pom-Pom Hat


Source: Alida Makes

A boring hat is anything but when you top it off with fur pom-pom. This fuzzy topper is made out of faux fur fabric that’s sewn around cotton balls, then stitched to the top of a knit hat.

9. Fringe Boots


Source: Dimples and Tangles

Fringe is all the rage, but you don’t need to buy a whole new pair of boots to get in on it. Simply hot glue suede fringe (sold by the yard) around any old pair of suede boots and you’ll be strolling in style.

10. Leather Panels Sweater


Source: EmerJa

Turn an unadorned sweater into a stylish outfit by adding geometric leather detailing. Use a template to cut out pieces of leather, then adhere using fabric glue.

11. Shearling Collar Jacket


Source: Lula Louise

You can add warmth and chicness to a leather jacket by giving it a shearling collar — and there’s no sewing required! Just cut shearling fabric to the correct size and glue it in place.

12. Bright Tassel Scarf


Source: The Purl Bee

A bright tassel turns a neutral scarf into an eye-catching accessory. Just add a touch of bright yarn to the end of any ho hum scarf (and if you’re a knitter, you can make the entire thing from scratch).

A new season means a whole new wardrobe and all those cool weather accessories that go with it. Instead of hitting up the mall, head to your closet. Old items are full of possibility, and some simple stitching, gluing, and cutting will transform your fall clothing into something fresh, fun, and totally cool.