10 Ways to Save Time and Money on Travel

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If you are sitting in the middle seat on a flight and ask the two people next to you what they paid for their flight, chances are one of you would have paid much more than the other two. Or how about finding out the guy in the hotel room next to you got one night for free while you paid full price! So, how do you make sure you are the one that gets the most bang for your buck? It can be as easy as following a few simple tips!

10 Ways to Save Time and Money on Travel
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1. Join Reward Programs

Be loyal and save! Always take advantage of reward programs. It is a smart way to get additional discounts and even upgrades. For example, Expedia’s Member Pricing is free to join and you can save 10% or more off select hotels. Or use the Expedia app and get double points! Also, sign up for loyalty programs with the airlines and hotels you frequently use. This way you are getting as many rewards as possible!

2. Book Together

Bundle up! You can usually find great deals when you book your airfare, hotel and car together. Check for pre-packaged deals where the hotel is already matched up to the air travel. Some deals with Expedia offer as much as 100% off of airfare!

3. Consider All-Inclusive

All in one! I have gone on all-inclusive vacations before and I must say I felt I got a big bang for my buck! One of the things I liked was knowing exactly how much I was going to spend before I even left home. I didn’t have to guess how much I would need for meals or entertainment. Just find out what isn’t included such as tips and excursions.

4. Look for Deals on Local Attractions

Take advantage of “Deals on Things to Do”. Not only will you get deals on everything from tours of The Grand Canyon to Cirque Du Soleil, but many offer free cancelations in case your plans change. And if you are doing a stay-cation or want something fun to do close to home, check out the deals in your area.

5. Be Flexible with Dates

If your travel dates aren’t set in stone, you may be able to score deep discounts, even with all-inclusive vacations. Expedia offers 24-hour daily deals, including hotels 40% off or more!

6. Rent a Home

If you have a large group or family, you may want to take advantage of renting a full house or apartment. One of the advantages here is you can cook, which saves you from eating out. (Consider making breakfast or packing lunch!) Expedia offers Vacation Rentals throughout the world! I found one apartment in Florence, Italy for $85 a night!

7. Book Rides Ahead

Why wait? It can be extremely frustrating to finally arrive at your destination airport, only to walk out and find a 30-minute wait for the next available taxi. Book your rides in advance so that you can start enjoying your trip or just get to your hotel that much quicker!

8. Book Tours Ahead

No lines! I remember my first trip to Italy. I was so excited to see the museums, until I saw the lines to get in! Then I learned a wonderful tip: book a tour in advance and not only do you get to find out about all the treasures inside…but you don’t have to wait in the long line outside to get in. And it just got better! You can get deals on things like tours of the Louvre so not only are you saving money but saving time! And just a footnote: I didn’t have a reserved tour when I went to the Louvre and I waited 45 minutes…in the rain!!

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9. Look for Deals Early in the Year

Cruising to a deal! If you are flexible with travel dates you may be able to find significant deals during “Wave Season” which runs January through March.

10. Use a Coupon Code

Surprise Savings: Most consumers are surprised to find out that even at sites like Expedia, that offer rock-bottom pricing, you can usually find coupon codes to save even more money!


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