10 Ways to Pamper Your Pet By Re-purposing Everyday Items

10 ways to pamper your pet by repurposing everyday items

Our furry babies deserve only the best, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend tons in order to spoil them. These creative DIYs to pamper your pet will keep your animal companion content while giving new life to old and inexpensive items.

When it comes to food and other essentials, DIY may not be an option. But you can still spoil your pets and save at the same time with great deals from PetSmart!

1. T-Shirt Dog Toy

Don’t throw away those old T-shirts just yet. Turn them into colorful braided tug toys your dog will love with just a few strings of T-shirt yarn and some imagination.

2. Dresser Drawer Pet Bed



Your canine or feline companion will be lounging in style with this glamorous bed made from an old dresser drawer. Parasol optional!

3. Flannel Shirt Dog Coat



An old flannel shirt becomes a stylish dog coat in just a few steps. Sew this piece together that’s perfect for strolls in the cool fall weather.

4. Towel Travel Pillow



Two old towels and some polyester batting can be transformed into a portable pet bed that folds up for easy transportation. Simply stitch the layers together with embroidery floss and you’re good to go.

5. Baby Sock Catnip Toys



Turn baby socks into dangling toys filled with catnip for your energetic kitty. It’s a great use for pair-less socks, and it will keep your cat happily occupied.

6. Tire Cat Scratcher



Make a roped ottoman out of an old tire without much hassle. It’s a great reuse for a hard-to-dispose-of tire  and also happens to be the perfect texture for a cat scratcher!

7. Patchwork Sweater Pet Bed



Use old or thrifted sweaters to make an adorable and cozy pet bed. Just a few simple sewing skills required.

8. Tin Food Canister



Create this cheerfully colored pet food canister from a re-purposed Christmas tin. A layer of spray paint, vinyl and a pretty ribbon accent around the top is all it takes for this DIY.

9. Duck Board Ombre Dog Feeder



Transform an old duck board into a lovely platter for your doggy’s dishes. All you need is paint in your favorite hue.

10. Entertainment Center Cat Hotel



Transform an old TV entertainment center into a kitty paradise. Cut holes, repaint and hang hammocks to create a jungle gym your cats will love.

Make something fabulous to pamper your pet while minimizing your carbon footprint–it’s a win-win. These re-purposed crafts require minimal materials and give you awesome results.



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