10 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Organization Resolutions

We start off every year with big plans to get organized, but as the days tick away, our resolutions usually fall to the wayside. It’s not too late to get back on track. Here are 10 DIY projects that will reinvigorate your efforts and actually get you excited about keeping things in order.

Here’s how to better organize your:


makeupTry this DIY magnetic makeup board. Not only will it eliminate clutter on your bathroom counter, but it’ll save time by making everything easily accessible. Take a piece of metal (you can even use an old cookie tray) and spray paint or cover it with fabric. Insert it into a frame and hang it on your wall. Attach magnets to the back of products or containers to hold the smaller cosmetics like lip glosses and eyeliners.

Desk drawer.

Is your desk drawer more of a junk drawer? Paperclips, pushpins, staple refills—it’s all the small stuff that gets in the way of organization. Use a revolving spice rack to separate and store all the little odds and ends. Bonus Tip: If you have a hanging spice rack, put it up next to your magnetic makeup board and use it to hold nail polish.

spice-rack makeup-rack





An organized pantry means less food goes to waste. Add a riser to the back of shelves, so you have a better view of what you’ve got. Use a permanent marker to rewrite easy-to-read expiration dates on packaging. Stock your pantry like the grocery stores do, when you buy new cans of soup or boxes of pasta store them in the back and push the older food to the front.



cabinet-holderBuy these standing file holders at office supply stores to create extra storage on the inside of kitchen cabinets. It will perfectly fit your foil, plastic wrap and other food storage items. You can also use them in a bathroom cabinet to store your hair curler, brushes and other styling products.




boots-hangingUse children’s pants hangers to keep your tall boots hanging straight in your closet. If you don’t have the hanging space, you can reuse your old file folders from 2013 instead of buying expensive boot shapers. Just roll them up diagonally and insert them into the boot.



Kid’s closet.

An ornament box can double as a drawer organizer and slots are the perfect size to baby clothes. You can also stand it on end in the closet and use it as a shoe rack. When kids get a little older (and aren’t going through five outfits a day), label a hanging sweater rack, Monday through Friday, and use it to lay out a week’s worth of outfits at a time.

baby-clothes1 mason-jar-storage1



Cleaning supplies.

Hang an over-the-door shoe rack on your laundry room door and use it to stash all of your household cleaning supplies. Buy half-door racks if you need to keep cleaning products out of reach from little ones. Bonus tip: If you have a minivan or SUV, use over-the-door racks on your backseat to create instant trunk organization.

car-organizer cleaning-supplies





cardsClean out your bulging wallet. Punch a hole in loyalty and gift cards and store them on a keychain. Just be sure you don’t punch through any numbers or bar codes that you will need. Many loyalty cards can now be added and scanned directly from your smart phone, eliminating the need to carry them at all.

Power cords.

Use bread tags to label your power cords. If you want to hide the whole tangled mess completely, try this DIY project. Place your power strip in a decorative shoebox or photo box with holes cut for all the power cords.

cord-mgmt cord-labels




Gift wrap.

Turn an old bar stool upside down and attach wheels to the seat to create a rolling gift-wrapping center. Attach a shoe storage system or other cloth craft bags to a few sides of the stool. Stuff them with bows, bags, ribbons and gift tags. Drape tissue paper over the remaining rungs and then pile your rolls of wrapping paper into the center.