10 Tips for Big Savings at the Farmer’s Market


Signs that spring is here can be seen at your local farmer’s market. Across the country markets are reopening and the stands are full of vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables. The best way to take advantage of the bounty of the farmer’s market and still stick to your grocery budget is to pair a visit to your local farmer’s market with coupons for your grocery store

Maximize your next visit to the farmer’s market with these tips

  1. Take a look at your calendar for the week to avoid over purchasing and wasting fresh produce. It is easy to get carried away and bring home more than you can use for the week. Make a plan for how much produce your family can eat this week.
  2. Take a lap around the market and survey what is available. Think about your plan and what you will need for the week.
  3. Carry cash, especially small bills. Vendors don’t always have change and most do not accept debit/credit cards.
  4. Bring a cloth shopping bag that is large enough to hold your purchases and comfortable to carry around. Bring a few smaller bags to keep your berries separated from your greens.
  5. Shop early! Vendors often sell out of their best products by midday.
  6. Don’t be afraid to talk to the farmers and ask questions. They love educating shoppers and helping them to discover new items. Ask them for recommendations on ways to cook your purchases.
  7. Taste before you buy. Many of the stands offer samples for shoppers to enjoy. This is a great way to engage the kids and an opportunity for them to learn more about the food they eat.
  8. Try something new each week. Step out of your comfort zone and try a different variety of produce you won’t find in the grocery store. Have fun and let the kids pick out something.
  9. When you get home from the market, clean and prep your produce so that is ready to use come dinnertime.
  10. Revisit your plan and finalize your meals for the week. Check out Coupons.com for grocery coupons to complete your meal plan.

Spring Farmer’s Market Menu

Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad

Spring Farmers Market Menu #2

Source: KitchMe 

There is nothing like fresh tomatoes paired with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette. Use a coupon to save on the mozzarella cheese.

Farmers Market Spring Pasta (The Good Stuff exclusive recipe!)

Spring Farmers Market Menu #3

Balsamic Roasted Strawberry Tarts (The Good Stuff exclusive recipe!)

Spring Farmers Market Menu #4