Get Your Haunt On: 10 Smart & Easy Halloween Ideas

Get Your Haunt On: 10 Smart & Easy Halloween Ideas | the good stuff

Kids love Halloween. They love the candy, the parties, the costumes, the decorations, and any other spooky surprises you can conjure up during the month of October. However, if you’re a busy mom, coming up with loads of fun frights can seem too overwhelming to execute. This is why you need a few awesome and easy Halloween ideas.

From making jack-o-lanterns last longer so you don’t have to worry about mold to incredibly easy additions to your Halloween party table, I scoured the web for my favorite easy-to-execute ideas for October 31st. You can probably utilize all 10 before the big day.

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1. Make an eyeball wreath with ping-pong balls


Source: Number 2 Pencil

Your trick-or-treaters will love this scary surprise at your front door. Simply use a glue gun to attach ping-pong balls to a basic wreath after applying a single googly eye to each one. The effect couldn’t be cuter for Halloween night.

2. Dye tights with Kool-Aid®


Source: If You Give a Girl a Needle

If you need a simple “mom” costume, try dyeing pantyhose with green or orange Kool-Aid. You could add this to a witch get-up, or just wear ‘em with other Halloween clothing for a fun addition.

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3. Turn your door into a mummy


Source: Honey + Fitz

All you need for this fantastic, festive transformation is a pack of white streamers and some poster board. It looks crazy-crafty and way more complicated than it is, so why not?

4. Keep pumpkins fresh with silica gel packs


Source: WikiHow

Want to keep pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns from molding all throughout October? Try using the pearls contained in silica gel packs, which you’ve probably got lying around from recent shoe, purse, beef jerky, or cat litter purchases. Embed them into your pumpkin for an easy way to remove excess moisture.

5. Fill surgical gloves with candy


Source: The Queen’s Card Castle

Forget traditional treat “bags.” Instead, opt for far more frightening candy containers made with surgical gloves. Fill ‘em up with the goods, fasten with ribbon, and send them out with your party guests or trick-or-treaters.

6. Make pumpkin-themed deviled eggs


Source: Foodista

If you want a holiday-themed food idea that doesn’t involve copious amounts of sugar, try pumpkin deviled eggs. A little ketchup, sriracha, and paprika give yellow yolks a orange color, topped with a simple chopped green onion for the stem.

7. Add tasty witches’ brooms to your table


Source: Cocinando con Catman

It’s always good to round out your Halloween party snacks with easy, healthy alternatives — like these “witches’ brooms,” which are essentially just sliced cheese, a pretzel rod, and a chive tie. Display them on your table wisely.

8. Whip up glowing jack-o’-lantern jars


Source: Create.Craft.Love for The 36th Avenue

Whether for a Halloween party or the actual 31st, you can easily put these decorative pumpkin jars together using glow sticks. It’s definitely more of a project for mom, but your kids will love the bright results — which last for nearly six hours.

9. Freeze spider ice cubes


Source: Pink Peppermint Design

Break out your old-school ice cube trays for this cool idea, which will spook the heck out of your party guests: spider ice cubes. All you need to do is the freeze plastic spiders you can find in any dollar store within your ice cubes. Voila! Too simple.

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10. Spook your guests with blood-spattered towels


Source: The Design Daredevil

If you really want to “kill” your Halloween theme for a party (or for your kids), try bloody towels in the bathroom! All you need is a white towel from the dollar store and fake blood, which should wash off hands easily. We’d put a clean towel right next to the blood-spattered one, but it’s your call.

Don’t forget to grab coupons for Family Dollar and Dollar Tree before you shop for your soon-to-be blood-spattered towels!