10 Simple Ways to Be Happier

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We all want to be happy. But sometimes, our lives get the best of us and we can’t help but feel down or stressed. Kick that bad mood instantly with 10 simple ways to be happier every day.

1. Smile. It’s really that simple. Showing our smiles to others not only makes us feel better but helps create positive thoughts to ensure a better day. And you never know, you may make someone else’s day just by giving them a smile.


2. De-clutter & stay organized. Take some time each week to clean up your scattered papers, receipts and stay tidy. Doing so will not only help you stay organized but also help keep you calm with a clear mind for your next project.

3. Exercise more. Take 7 minutes out of your day to do some exercises. It will affect your well-being and can help overcome depression. Running on the treadmill helps to clear my mind after a long day. Plus, I feel ten times better after. There’s really no excuse to not fit in just 7 minutes of exercise.


4. Do more of what you like to do. Doing things you enjoy creates an instant satisfaction that can lead to an accomplishment. Find something you enjoy and take it one step further. For example, if you like painting, take a night class with a couple of friends.

5. Sleep more. The one thing that everyone sacrifices in order to have more hours in their day is sleep. You may think that staying awake an hour longer is not a big deal, but studies show that sleep deprivation can have a huge impact on your mood and mental health. Getting a good night’s sleep can instantly lift up your mood the following morning. And plus, who doesn’t enjoy sleeping? Try using a sleep calculator to determine the best time for you to fall asleep and wake up.

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6. Be your own best friend. Although we love spending time with our friends and family, spending time alone can help you recharge and re-gather yourself. Spend some quality time with yourself at lunch or at the park, or enjoy a nice read with no distractions.

7. Get some sunshine every day. Everyone is glued to their phones or stuck inside in front of the TV. Taking a walk every day may sound unappealing, but being outside and enjoying the scenery can promote happiness and rejuvenate your mind and body. Also, you’ll get your daily dose of vitamin D! Just don’t forget the sunscreen.


8. Turn off your electronics. Turn off the TV and get away from your phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Read a good book or hang out with your friends. Using your time to connect with other and have a noble conversation. Or do something completely spontaneous and daring!

9. Shop smart. We all run into financial problems once in a while, and overspending will only cause you more headaches. Be a smart shopper and save with coupons wherever you can. Both you and your wallet will be happy campers. It’s a win-win situation.

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10. Learn something new. Learning doesn’t have to stop once you’re done with school. Opening your mind to the world around can make you appreciative of what you have and what you can offer. When you have free time, try learning a hobby you’ve always wanted to master or spend some time with a loved one to learn something new about them. Stay curious.

Before you shop: Want to know another great and simple way to be happier? Laugh! The “facial feedback” hypothesis says when you laugh or see someone laugh, it generally makes you feel better. Try watching a funny movie this weekend to brighten your mood.


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