10 Recipes Made with IKEA Food


10 Recipes Made with IKEA Food | thegoodstuff

If you live near an IKEA or even travel hours to get to one, you probably have more than a few pieces of furniture to show for it.

IKEA is a Scandinavian store well-known for its reasonably priced furniture and accessories. But did you know IKEA also has an amazing array of Swedish food at rock bottom prices? They have everything from Swedish meatballs to smoked salmon to their signature cinnamon buns. So next time you make a stop at your nearest IKEA, make sure to pick up some of their amazing Swedish food — it’s just what your menu needed!

Here are 10 easy meals you can make with foodstuffs from the IKEA grocery section:

1. Smoked Salmon Pesto Pasta


Source: KitchMe

Need a new weeknight meal idea? Toss IKEA’s Lax Gravad smoked salmon into your pesto pasta for a new twist on the usual. You’ll get healthy fatty acids and a dose of protein while adding a wonderful smoky flavor to your dish.

2. Broccoli Pasta Slaw


Source: KitchMe

IKEA’s elk-shaped Pastaälgar is anything but plain and boring. Swap out bowties for Pastaälgar in this broccoli pasta slaw for a whimsical side dish or dinner.

3. Våfflor Swedish Waffles


Source: Five Euro Food

Make your weekend special with a Swedish waffle brunch. There’s no need for a waffle iron if you have IKEA’s Våfflor waffles, and the topping couldn’t be easier with tangy and sweet Sylt Krusbär gooseberry jam.

4. Smoked Salmon Salad


Source: IKEA

The Swedes incorporate smoked salmon into a vast array of recipes. Even salad gets a Swedish touch with IKEA’s Lax Varmrökt hot-smoked salmon. Crispy romaine, Ost Lagrad semi-hard cheese, and Bröd Tunnbröd thinbread are tossed in a tasty Sås Senap and Basilika mustard and basil sauce for a salad hearty enough for a main dish.

5. Salmon Filets and Veggie Medallions


Source: IKEA

Want a healthy dinner in minutes? Simply heat up IKEA’s Lax Filé salmon filets and Grönsakskaka vegetable medallions. Slather it with Sås Senap and Basilika mustard and basil sauce, then serve with a side of romaine and Bröd Tunnbröd flatbread.

6. Swedish Breakfast Break


Source: IKEA

We all need more fika in our life! A fika is the Swedish tradition of serving coffee with bread or buns as a mid-day break. Gathering with friends in the morning or afternoon to enjoy a break from work is a brilliant idea, and IKEA makes it easy to reconnect over coffee and tasty Swedish treats.

At the checkout, fill your cart with Swedish pastries such as Bakelse Prinsess, Kakor Krokant, Tårta Mandel, and Kanelbullar (the cinnamon buns that smell so great). Don’t forget to include coffee — Bryggkaffe Mellanrost!

7. Guacamole and Herring


Source: IKEA

We’ve all fallen in love with guacamole, but adding a secret sauce really takes this appetizer to a new level. Fish roe is a Swedish delicacy, and adding Sillrom herring roe to your guacamole gives it a depth of flavor that will have you craving more. Pick up some Sillrom herring roe at IKEA and create special guacamole appetizers that are perfect for any gathering.

8. Sweet Tangy Meatballs


Source: Table for Two

Entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated — just pick up frozen meatballs next time you’re at IKEA. Toss the meatballs, grape jelly, and chili sauce in your slow cooker, relax, and in a few hours you’ll have sweet and spicy meatballs that your guests will devour!

Check out even more delicious recipes using IKEA meatballs!

9. Herb and Cheese Pie


Source: IKEA

Make a light dinner with ingredients from IKEA. This herb and cheese pie with Krydda dill and Våsterbotten cheese is creamy and delicious, and is best served with a big green salad.

10. Salmon and Dill


Source: IKEA

Hosting a party? Make gravlax ahead of time to serve as a Nordic appetizer and the whole room will be abuzz. Gravlax is raw salmon that’s been cured in salt, sugar, and dill. This recipe uses fennel seed and the zest from an orange, lemon, and lime to give it a distinctly delicious flavor. Your guests will love trying a new Scandinavian delicacy.