10 Recipes for Woof-Tastic Homemade Dog Treats

10 Recipes for Woof-Tastic Homemade Dog Treats | thegoodstuff

I have six kids. Three have fur on them, but I see them as almost equal to the ones who aren’t furry. Just as I spoil my human children with fun, make-at-home treats, I like to experiment and create fun dog treats at home, too! That way I know what goes in them, which is always a plus for me.

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As I scour the Internet for new ideas, I always come across the most amazing homemade dog treats. Here are some of my favorites that you have to try!

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1. Peanut Butter & Bacon


Source: Tidy Mom

This recipe had me at bacon. The gluten-free aspect is a real bonus, too, as fillers are not the best idea for dogs. Especially dogs prone to weight gain, like my beagles. This easy-to-make recipe includes carrots, honey, bacon, and more. My dogs will eat them up because they smell like bacon and peanut butter!

2. Peanut Butter Bacon & Pumpkin


Source: Nerds and Nomsense

This recipe is pretty basic and really easy to make. Adding pumpkin to the recipe makes this a great fall treat that truly will spoil your pup.

3. Apple, Cheddar & Bits of Bacon


Source: The Cottage Market

Now this one, I’m really going to have to try! My dogs are big cheese and bacon lovers, obviously, but adding apple is just an added bonus of flavor I would have never contemplated. The recipe looks fairly simple, as well, which is always a great thing.

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4. Homemade Gluten-Free Dog Treats


Source: Pocket Change Gourmet

For those of us who value the healthier options, this fun and easy-to-make treat contains spices like cinnamon for added flavor. Make these in any shape you want and add them to a fun first pet basket for a friend!

5. Apple Crunch Pupcakes


Source: Miss CandiQuik

Spoiling your dog happens even more when they have a birthday or gathering of their pup pals! These “pupcakes” combine dog-safe ingredients with a fun style that every dog will gobble up.

6. 4-Ingredient Dog Treats


Source: I’m Not a Trophy Wife

With just whole-wheat flour, baking powder, chunky peanut butter, and milk, this recipe can be made with things you already have in your pantry

7. Homemade Carrot & Banana Treats


Source: DIY Cozy Home

I would have never thought to add banana to a dog treat, but I bet the smell and smooth texture of this recipe is a huge hit! Again, the dogs are getting the added benefits of carrots while enjoy something that they want anyway.

8. Homemade Peanut Butter Oatmeal Dog Treats


Source: Two Little Cavaliers

Though this recipe contains oatmeal, it looks incredibly easy to make. Also containing cinnamon and honey, the aroma of these might give us a craving for treats, too!

9. Liver & Cranberry Brownies


Source: Dog Treat Kitchen.com

Though liver is an acquired taste for most humans, dogs love it no matter how it’s served. These dog brownie treats have fresh cranberries and dried parsley in them to make them even tastier. I can’t wait to try these with my dogs!

10. 1-Ingredient Sweet Potato Dog Treats


Source: Kim’s Healthy Eats

This is, by far, the easiest dog treat recipe I’ve found. With one ingredient, these treats give your dog a chewy, delicious treat with little effort. Plus, they’re healthier with no fillers or seasonings.

My dogs have read this post and give it four paws up! Which recipes are you going to make for your dog? Tell us in the comments below!



  • Awesome Sauce

    My dog absolutely loves bacon and peanut butter and of course cheese! I have to say that the peanut butter & bacon must have been good because my dog is in training and he learned like that, he’s been doing much better in his obedience class. Thank you so much for the ideas, they’re incredible and something I’ll definitely do again and again.

    • couponscom

      Hi Awesome Sauce,
      We hope your pup loves these treats! Peanut butter, bacon, and cheese sound like a winning combination for human treats, too. ;)