10 New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Keep

While New Year’s resolutions are awesome in theory, they’re hard to stick to, especially when it comes to changing your spending habits. If saving money is at the top of your list, here are 10 easy-to-keep resolutions that will help you save money throughout 2014.

1. Dine Out Less:
Eating at restaurants is one of the biggest money-suckers in the biz. There’s no need to stop cold turkey, but trimming your outings down to once or twice a month (vs. a couple times a week) will do wonders for your bank account.

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2. Never Pay Retail:
Of course, at Coupons.com we are huge advocates for the resolution to NEVER pay retail again. With so many great coupons to be clipped and coupon codes available, why would you? It’s easy to stick with savings.

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3. Shop Smarter Online:
Save big by being a smarter online shopper: Shop only on sites with free shipping, use a friend’s Amazon Prime account for free 2-day shipping, and follow your favorite retailers on social media or join their newsletter to be the first to know about their clearance sales.

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4. Save Money on Groceries: 
Just because you’re eating at home more doesn’t mean your grocery bill needs to skyrocket. Minimize your supermarket spending by clipping our coupons or by making your shopping list with the Grocery IQ app

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5. Gain Kitchen Confidence:
Without a restaurant chef doing the work for you, it’s a great year for gaining confidence in the kitchen. Grab some great recipes at Kitchme.com and reap the benefits of saving money while also starting a new hobby.

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6. Plan Your Meals: 
If you’re serious about becoming a better cook at home, you can save a lot of money by planning out your meals. It takes some effort, but planning ahead allows you to buy in bulk, which can bring you significant savings.
weekly meal plans
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7. Work Out at Home: 
Gym memberships are a huge monthly expense. While we encourage fitness to the fullest, imagine how much you can save if you adopt an addictive home workout program.

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8. Drink More Water (less Soda/Coffee):
By cutting out your daily soda and/or coffee, and replacing it with water, you’re cashing in on the best of both worlds. Think about it: What could be healthier and cheaper than a refreshing regimen of water?

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9. Eat More Vegetables
Much like water, the beauty of vegetables is that they’re cheaper and healthier than many processed counterparts. By pledging to eat more veggies, it’s like you’re getting paid to get healthier.

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10. Watch Less TV (Read More)
The best way to accomplish this is to cancel your premium cable channels. With fewer channels to choose from, you’re more likely to pick up a book before the remote. Plus, think of the money you’ll save without that monster cable bill.

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We understand New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, but we hope you found this list to be totally doable. After all, when you’re saving money AND bettering your life in other ways, it’s a win-win situation that’s easy to get use to.


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