10 Homemade Gifts Kids can Make

Inspired by the outpouring of comments about how much you love the homemade gifts featured in “DIY Beauty Gifts in Jars,” we wanted to share more wonderful gift ideas with you. I asked my girls Breanna and Bayleigh, now 20 and 11, to share their favorite projects over the years. Below are some examples they shared (via Pinterest, of course). All can be made with inexpensive materials, are completely adorable and so simple they don’t even require a glue gun.

bowThere is truly nothing more loved than a handmade gift, especially from a child. They become cherished items, and making them creates wonderful memories. Plus, they save you money. We started making homemade gifts when the girls were very young. We had a wildflower field behind out house that inspired our first handmade gifting endeavor: Gift bows using raffia and beautiful dried flowers, very similar to this simple bow from Cards n’ Scrapz. Their grandmother still has the bow saved in her keepsake box.

DIY French Vanilla Candles

scented-candlesLike many others, we started simple with soap and candles. Using a variety of interesting containers from Michaels, Home Goods, the Dollar Store and garage sales made it more fun, and as we became experienced, we customized candles to the intended recipient. They found this unique example by henryhappened.

“These are beautiful. I have never seen a candle with coffee beans before. I want to try this!”

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DIY Key Chains

keychains“I like this idea because key chains aren’t something people tend to shop for, but they are useful and a fun accessory. And easily customizable.”

Adorable!   Living with Punks shared them with a great idea to use them for gift toppers.

DIY Stamped Tea Towels

stamped-towelsThese are fun and simple for very small children. Older kids and moms can make them in more complex patterns, as shown here from centsationalgirl.com. Perfect for grandma (or anyone with a kitchen or bathroom for that matter).

These were super cool to make. It’s even cooler when everyone sees what I made and asks me to make them some.” 

Anthropologie-inspired Coffee Mug

painterd-mugsWe actually have five of these beautiful mugs from Anthropologie and absolutely love them. We even bought one with an initial that does not match anyone in our family because we loved the color!

At one point last year they were out of several letters and Breanna was inspired to make this DIY version for her friends.

“This way you can choose the colors, pattern, shape, etc. Love this idea!”

DIY Flower Pots

painted-flower-potsA super simple project—just a pot and fabric remnants and maybe a packet of seeds.

“Endless possibilities, especially nice if you include seed packets/gardening gloves/labels in the pot.”


DIY Infused Oils


These DIY infused oils from Just Putzing Around in the Kitchen are similar to a gift we commonly give at any time of the year. There are dozens of options for labels, but we loved the hand written versions and often just use canning labels.


“Instead of spending a lot on one or two, you can make multiple small bottles with different infusions.


DIY Tutu

tutuMy oldest daughter’s first handmade gift to her little sister was a handmade tutu. Similar to this beautiful example from Hippiehauswife, we simply purchased tule at our local fabric store, cut it to length, and tied it around a length of ribbon. Hippiehauswife has great instructions and how to photos.

“Bayleigh still has this in her closet!”

DIY Coasters

coastersUsing plain ceramic tiles and wall paper from the leftover rack at Home Depot and a few other inexpensive supplies, we have created lovely coasters for family and friends. They are so easily customized to any décor. They never turned out as well as these from twogirlsbeingcrafty.blogspot.com though!

“This looks hard, but it was actually a lot of fun. Coasters are not something people typically go shopping for, so they make a great gift.”


DIY Wrapping Paper

My favorite project and a cherished item from past holidays is homemade wrapping paper. It started with a big roll of butcher paper the kids and their cousins painted one Thanksgiving to keep them busy while we were making dinner. These are some other really fun ideas from Pinterest:


There are literally thousands of awesome ideas out there. Give it a try; even if they don’t turn out, your kids will have the memories forever.