It’s a Play Date! 10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

It’s a Play Date! 10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids | thegoodstuff

It may not seem like it, but cooler temperatures are coming. With cooler weather comes the desire to get outside and enjoy time together after a long week. With summer consisting of swimming and water sports, it’s time to get outside and do things with the kids that are a little drier. Check out my list of fun outdoor activities for kids that I’ve been planning for when the temperature drops a few degrees.

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1. Take a hike


There are many natural parks around that have hiking trails most of us don’t even know about! Check with your local community center or park service for a map of trails in your area. I found out last year that there was one right up the street that I drive by all the time.

We live in a flat area, so “hiking” is more like “walking in the woods,” but I can take the dogs and the kids and explore the nature preserve for hours.

2. Visit a zoo


City zoos are awesome to visit. We also have an aquarium nearby that the kids love to visit. It can get expensive to go to these all the time, so I also like finding smaller zoos and animal sanctuaries around town that are cheaper.

We have a pumpkin patch nearby that has playgrounds, a train ride, and animals — and the kids love it. It’s outdoors and much less expensive!

3. Visit a farm


People who farm and raise animals usually love to show them off. Find out about local farms and take your kids on a field trip to meet the farmer, their animals, and learn where things come from.

I found a local farmer through a friend and we have a trip planned for when it’s cooler for the kids and animals. Check with churches, the Chamber of Commerce, and other local venues to find a farmer who loves to have visitors.

4. Head to the park


There’s always something awesome about finding a new park to visit. I was driving along a while back and turned left instead of right and found an amazing one for my kids. So I picked up a pizza and we had a great time. Parks are fun for kids and adults and help strengthen that family bond!

5. Go to an outdoor concert


There’s something really awesome about grabbing a blanket, some good food, and your family and heading to an outdoor concert! There are so many around any major city that you can often find one for free or at low cost. Your local symphony may put one on every few months, so check their website or your city’s newspaper for a listing.

6. Visit an outdoor museum


This may seem odd since a lot of museums are indoors. But if there’s a children’s museum in the area or an agricultural museum, they’re often outside. They’re also affordable and a great way to educate the kids on more than paintings.

7. Play a community sport


A great way to get your kids outside to enjoy the day is to join a community sports team. There are running clubs, soccer teams, softball teams, and tennis clubs to participate in. Join one and get out every week with new friends!

8. Have a picnic


It doesn’t matter where you are, a simple picnic can enhance any outdoor experience. There’s something really neat about unpacking food you made at home and enjoying it outdoors with your family!

9. Go to an outdoor movie


Remember drive-in movies? Well, they’re making a comeback! Gather the kids and watch a double feature for less than the cost of one at a movie theater. You can take food, chairs, blankets, and even games to play in between movies. We love going and always have a blast!

10. Go on a bike ride


It may seem simple, but a nice, relaxing bike ride around the neighborhood, on trails you find, or around a lake can be a great way to relax and soak up the outdoors. Grab a partner and lots of water and explore new streets or trails near you!

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