10 Quick Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair

hairstyles for short hair

Short hair may be easy to maintain and style on a daily basis, but creating a festive hairstyle for the holiday season can be tricky when you don’t have the additional length. This winter, avoid a hairstyling rut by trying out one of our 10 quick and easy holiday hairstyles for short hair!

Retro Bouffant 

retro-bouffantSource: Beauty High

With a few strategically placed bobby pins and a bit of teasing, you can create a retro-inspired bouffant that will add volume and dimension to your short hair. Try adding a sparkly headband for a fun holiday look!

Twisted Half-Up

short-hair-twistSource: Garland of Grace

If you’re looking for a quick way to tame messy waves, try out this easy tutorial. This twisted-half-up utilizes the volume and texture from unruly second-day hair to create a chic and modern party hairstyle.

Simple Updo

simple-updoSource:Camille Styles 

This simple updo tutorial is perfect for women with a short bob hairstyle. By pinning up the short pieces in the back and allowing the front curls to frame the face, you’ll create a stunning hairstyle worth of the red carpet.

Vintage Rolled Pony

Rolled-Pony-with-HeadbandSource: Latest Hairstyles 

It can be hard to keep short, layered haircuts in place when you’re creating a fancy style. This vintage rolled pony tutorial uses an embellished headband to secure loose pieces add an extra dose of glamour.

The Twisted Phonytail

twisted-phonytailSource: The Small Things

If your short hair creates a thin and lackluster ponytail, try this genius “phonytail” tutorial that cleverly pins small pieces of hair to create a thicker and more glamorous ponytail!

Soft Beach Waves

beach-wavesSource: Little Miss Momma 

Short hair is notoriously difficult to call, but this step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to create pretty soft saves with a flat iron.

Tucked Crown Updo

Crown-UpdoSource: Modcloth 

This rolled crown hairstyle looks like it might take all day to complete, but you can accomplish this fancy style in a matter of minutes with a only a comb, elastic headband, and a bit of hairspray!

Faux Updo

faux-updoSource: Keiko Lynn

For those who are a bit timid to attempt a complicated updo, try this faux updo by Keiko Lynn. After creating the styled look, she demonstrates how you can easily camouflage any flaws with a beautiful silk scarf or bandanna.

Messy Braided Crown

messy-braided-crownSource: The Wonder Forest 

Braided hairstyles are majorly trending this season, and this messy braided crown tutorial couldn’t be easier. By securing two simple braids with a clear elastic, you can create a stylish look in minutes.

Knot Tie Updo

knot-tie-updoSource: The Beauty Department 

Despite what you may think, it is possible to create an intricate and impressive holiday updo with a short haircut. By combining braids, knots, and pinned pieces, this tutorial will teach you how to form a magazine-worthy hairstyle for your next holiday party!

Now that you’ve been inspired with 10 holiday hairstyles, learn how to transition your outfit from work practical to party chic in our latest style article!


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