10 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas & Tips

10 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas & Tips | thegoodstuff

Source: The Crafty Woman

Halloween isn’t far away, and if you’re busy planning your outfit for the night of you’re probably trying to brainstorm what kind of Halloween makeup would look ghoulish, glam, or just downright gory. Halloween makeup is an affordable (and maybe more comfortable) alternative to masks, but it can seem scary itself if you’re not sure which types of makeup to buy, how to apply it, or even what you want your face to look like.

Learn how to save money on your Halloween costumes, then check out our top picks for the trendiest adult costumes you can totally DIY this year!

Never fear, I’ve gathered 10 different easy Halloween makeup ideas and tips to help you create a wide assortment of looks from spooky to glam.

How to choose the right Halloween makeup


When picking the right makeup palette to create Halloween looks, you want something that contains a wide range of colors, preferably with a large assortment of colors that you can blend together to create other shades. You also want a palette with a cream finish, or loose pigments that can be mixed with a mixing medium to apply with ease. Don’t know how to create a mixing medium? It’s very simple! Just mix one part glycerin and three parts water.

Drugstores and stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Amazon sell one of my favorite palettes, Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild Cosmetics. Keep in mind that Fantasy Makers is only sold during the Halloween season, but it’s a very affordable brand and normally offers great makeup palette options that are safe to use on your face.

Check out these makeup palettes for Halloween


Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette, $49

This brightly-pigmented palette features 10 vibrant shades that are safe for your eyes, lips, and face.


Fantasy Makers Hauntingly Hip Vampiress, $3.89

Fantasy Makers offers the most affordable options for creating Halloween looks. This palette includes 6 cream shadows with glitter and a stencil.


Graftobian Clown Makeup Kit, $23.69

This palette is not just for clowns! Graftobian offers by far the best white base on the market for creating Halloween looks. Use the other colors to create accents on your face, or just give in and become a clown.


Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel, $29.50

This deep-toned cream palette will create life-like bruises and other wounds. This is the best palette for creating a zombie look, and with 100-500 applications, you’ll have plenty on hand for next year, too.


Beauty Treats 88 PRO Glitter Cream Palette, $16.80

Sure to glam up any spooky Halloween look, the Beauty Treats 88 PRO Glitter Cream Palette contains 88 cream shadows with glitter finishes that range from subtle shimmer to heavy glitter. The palette has a wide assortment of cool and warm tones to create just about any look you desire.

Easy Halloween makeup ideas

Undecided about what you want to dress up as? Here are a few easy Halloween makeup ideas from beauty bloggers around the web!

1. Scary clown


Source: Crazy Beautiful Makeup

Create your own scary, happy, or just plain crazy clown look with the Graftobian palette above or Halloween makeup sets you can find at the dollar store.

2. Halloween makeup ideas using black liner


Source: BirchBox

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, create some very quick and simple looks with the black eyeliner stashed in your makeup bag! You can be a cat or even Jack Sparrow — all it takes is a few black lines and you’re good to go.

3. The Red Queen


Source: The Crafty Woman

If you’re an Alice In Wonderland fanatic, then you’ll love this affordable makeup tutorial that magically transforms a little girl into The Red Queen.

4. Pop Art Comic Book Star


Source: Best Halloween Blog

Transform yourself or a friend into a pop art comic book character. The tutorial is very simple to follow and requires minimal makeup, and you can add a brightly colored wig to complete the look if you choose.

5. Pretty Fish


Source: Allure

If you love playing in glitter and sequins, this pretty fish makeup is for you. While this looks very challenging, it’s actually very simple to do and takes about 30 minutes. MAC Cosmetics senior artist Gina Bettelli shows you how to recreate the look at home using blue eye shadow, false lashes, glitter, and plastic potato netting!