10 DIY Halloween Treat Bags

10 DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween means fun for kids and pressure for moms to create a cute treat bag for school mates and party guests. From cute to scary, we have 10 ideas for DIY Halloween treat bags this season that will stand out from the crowd. Super short on time? We have free printable treat toppers for you to use too!

Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bags

Duct Tape Halloween Treat BagsSource: dollarstorecrafts.com

Brightly colored duct tape and scissors are all you need to craft a cute, fringed treat bag for your kids to give their friends this Halloween,

Paper Ghost Treat Bags

Paper Ghost Treat BagsSource: craft-0-maniac.com

Turn paper bags into ghosts with a set of plastic eyes from your local craft store. Fill them with chocolate and you’re all set.

Halloween Spooky Glove Treat Bags

Halloween Spooky Glove Treat BagsSource: cakewhiz.com

Kids will run around scaring each other with these spooky plastic gloves filled with candy. You could consider filling it up with candy corn too.

Smore’s Treat Bag

Smore’s Treat BagSource: mommyskitchen.net

Place graham crackers, a ghost marshmallow and a Hershey’s bar into a clear bag for a spooky and fun take home treat.

Jack-O-Lantern Treat Bags

Jack-O-Lantern Treat BagsSource: thecelebrationshoppe.com

Recycle leftover Easter eggs into this year’s Jack-O’-Lantern treat holders. Mod Podge orange and black paper over the eggs.

Spider Treat Bags

Spider Treat BagsSource: rustandsunshine.com

Let the kids draw spiderwebs on plain paper bags to create this treat. Poke a hole in the top for the ribbon and dangle a spider from a string.

Ghost Popcorn Treat Bags

Ghost Popcorn Treat BagsSource: madetobeamomma.com

Short on time? Pop some corn, fill a plastic bag and glue eyes to make a ghost filled treat bag.

Polka Dot Linen Treat Bags

Polka Dot Linen Treat BagsSource: livelaughrowe.com

Bring a Halloween hostess a sweet and memorable treat in this polka dot linen bag. Tie it with an orange and white ribbon to finish off the look.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Treat Bags

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Treat BagsSource: catchmyparty.com

Ninja Turtle fans will love these easy to make treat bags. Cut and glue strips of construction paper on green lunch bags and just add a pair of sets.

Halloween Treat Bag Toppers (Exclusive to The Good Stuff)

Halloween Treat Bag Toppers

Print out these treat bag toppers on card stock. Then trim and fold them in the center. Fill a plastic or small paper bag with treats. Finally, staple or glue to the top of the bag.

Get into the spirit of Halloween with even more creepy, cute, and crafty inspiration!