10 DIY Baby Costumes You Can’t Resist!

10 DIY Baby Costumes You Can't Resist! | thegoodstuff

They may not be old enough to eat candy or go trick-or-treating, but it doesn’t get any cuter than newborn Halloween costumes. In a few years, they’ll be calling the shots, so savor this year where you can dress them up as anything you want. There’s a lot more you can do than just princesses and superheroes, and I’ve put together 10 DIY baby costumes you and your little one will love.

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Want to go with a family theme? Check out these adorable DIY family costumes — one idea even features baby as a S’mores ingredient! Pets can be included, too, with these adorable DIY pet costumes.

1. Sushi Roll


Source: The Cheese Thief

Want to make up for those nine months of pregnancy you couldn’t eat sushi? What better way then to turn your baby into your favorite roll.

2. Poker Dealer


Source: Costume Works

It’s going to be hard for anyone to keep a poker face when this little cutie wheels past. Plus, the tray table will keep them occupied throughout trick-or-treating.

3. Cabbage Patch Kid


Source: Costume Works

Here’s another stroller-friendly costume that’s sure to have any passersby doing a double take. This Cabbage Patch box straps right around the stroller framing your perfect little doll.

4. Monopoly Man


Source: Closer Weekly

There’s really noting cuter than a baby dressed like an old man. Don’t want to shell out the money for a baby-sized suit? A tuxedo T-shirt will do the job just as well.

5. Golden Girl


Source: Coolest Homemade Costumes

A bag of cotton balls and a cardigan is all you need to turn your little girl into Sophia from the Golden Girls.

6. Fortune Cookie


Source: Mamma’s Milk

Here’s the perfect costume for a sleeping baby. Tuck your little one into a beige wrap and hang a fortune from the strap. Use your baby’s birthdate as the lucky numbers.

7. Carrot


Source: C.R.A.F.T.

Teach your child the importance of eating their veggies early in life with this simple DIY carrot costume. For a no-sew headpiece, tie strips of green tulle to an existing baby headband.

8. Baby Octopus


Source: Cool Mom Picks

Buy four pairs of identical tights. Put one set on your baby and stuff the others for an eight-legged baby octopus that will melt hearts.

9. Picnic Basket


Source: Costume Pop

If your baby is still small enough to fit into a Triscuit box, then this one is too cute to pass up. Glue a few crackers to a beanie for an irresistible final touch.

10. Burrito


Source: Reddit

Swaddle your baby in a “tortilla” blanket and stuff some play food inside for the cutest burrito you’ve ever seen. A layer of foil around their legs adds a comical final touch.

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