Best Halloween Sales + How to Save Money on Costumes


Best Halloween Sales + How to Save Money on Costumes |

Halloween gives us the chance to be anything we want. For one night, we can be a princess or superhero, a zombie or witch. But as fun as it is to choose an alter ego, it’s just one night and we don’t want to spend a fortune in the process. Here’s a list of the best Halloween sales this year, plus tips for saving on a Halloween costume and storing them for next year.

Check out these trending adult Halloween costumes, plus some fun DIY costumes for babies, families, and pets!

Best Halloween Sales

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Sam’s Club: $10 and Up Fall & Halloween Decor at Sam’s Club (Exp. 10/31)

Shindigz: Up to 38% Off Weekly Halloween Deals (Exp. 10/31)

Fairy Season: Up to 50% Off Halloween Products + Free Shipping (Exp. 10/31)

Shari’s Berries: 15% Off $29 Halloween Strawberries & Sweet Treats (Exp. 10/31)

Rosewholesale: Halloween Items – Up to 55% Off (Exp. 10/31)

Hot Topic: $5 and Up Halloween’s Most Wanted Costumes (Exp. 10/30)

Home Depot: 25% Off Select Halloween Products (Exp. 11/8)

1800Flowers: 15% Off Halloween Flowers & Gifts (Exp. 10/31)

Bonton: 30% Off Bonus Halloween Costumes (Exp. 10/17)


How to Save Money on Costumes

1. Shop for “dress up” clothes


There can be a bit of a mark-up when an item is designated for Halloween. Most toy stores have a dress up section that’s stocked year-round. Often you can get a princess costume for a lot less simply by shopping there.

2. Opt for face paint


Masks can quickly escalate the price of a simple costume. Instead, use face paint to get the desired look. Similarly, wigs can get expensive, so use a colored hair spray to change your locks without the hefty cost.

3. Host a costume swap

Costume swaps are a great way to recycle last year’s costume and pick up something new to you. Host your own swap or check for events in your community. Some public libraries host swaps in October.

4. Choose the basic costume

Many costumes come in two varieties, the simple version and then the deluxe version. Go with the basic costume and accessorize it yourself. You’ll save money and give your costume a personalized touch.

5. Shop for accessories at the dollar store


Shop for wands, gloves, and hats at dollar stores. So often the Halloween accessories are lost or broken by the end of the night, so there’s no sense spending a fortune on them.

Don’t forget to check for Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar coupons before you shop for accessories!

6. Test your sewing skills

The costume stores aren’t the only ones offering great deals this month. Fabric and craft stores also have special promotions. It’s possible to sew items like capes and tutus without much seamstress experience, and the savings can be major.

7. Avoid brand-name characters

Despite the fact that Frozen premiered in 2013, it’s still on the top 10 list for children’s costumes this year. (Along with Batman, Star Wars, and Minions.) Often you’ll pay more when you go with a branded costume. Instead of Batman, encourage kids to make up their own superhero persona.

8. Shop online

If you want to avoid crowded costume stores, consider shopping from the comfort of your home. The stores above are offering great costumes and savings when you shop online.

9. Use coupons

It may be peak season for costume shopping, but stores are still competing for your Halloween dollars. Before you make a purchase, check for coupons and codes to save, like mobile offers you can use in-store on the mobile app.

10. Check discount stores

Discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross will typically carry a small inventory of costumes. It may not be a huge selection, but if you get lucky, you can find a costume your kid loves for under $20.

11. Shop last minute

If you’re not too picky about what you are, then you can typically save by shopping on Halloween morning. Pop-up costume shops want to clear out inventory, so often the deep discounts start before trick-or-treating begins. Shelves will be extremely picked over, though, so be prepared to make do with whatever is there.

How to store Halloween costumes for next year

1. Frame baby’s first costume


There’s something so precious about your kid’s first Halloween costume. Chances are they were only in it long enough to snap a picture, but you probably want to preserve it for years to come. Buy a jersey display frame to preserve it, then bring it out every October and hang it as Halloween décor.

2. Clean costumes


Even though they were worn for a single night, you’ll want to clean costumes before storing them. Those polyester fabrics can cause a lot of perspiration and sticky hands can leave stains, which may attract pests. Read the care label for washing instructions and when in doubt, dry clean

3. Clean accessories

Even those fabric cat ears and plastic swords should get a rinse. Hand wash accessories before stashing them away.

4. Choose the right place

If you’re going to be storing garments for the long-term, it’s best to choose a cool, dry, and dark location.

5. Don’t store them, use them

If your little one can’t get enough of their costume, why stop them? Buy a dress-up chest and continue to add to it throughout the years. You can even take advantage of after-Halloween costume sales to put together a dress-up chest as a holiday gift.

6. Start a scrapbook


Storing every single costume your kids ever wear can take up a lot of space. Instead, start a Halloween scrapbook. That way you’ll never forget a single Halloween costume, but the memories all fit neatly on a bookshelf.

7. Sell old costumes

Consider selling old costumes to a secondhand shop. It may be difficult to sell costumes after Halloween because stores won’t want them taking up space for a full year. Your best bet is to sell costumes in September or October.

Best Halloween Sales + How to Save Money on Costumes |


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