10 Best Despicable Me 2 Minion Recipes

Millions of minions are suddenly taking over! These yellow creatures are currently everyone’s obsession. With Despicable Me 2’s popularity sky-rocketing out of this world, we couldn’t help but join in the obsession. If you enjoyed the movie as much as we did, be sure to try out our favorite edible versions of minions for you and your family to devour. Don’t worry, there’s nothing despicable about these Despicable Me 2 minion recipes. Have a favorite minion recipe?  Share with us in the comments below.

1. Despicable Me Minion Cake
Minion Cake
Create a fun themed birthday cake that will guarantee a smile on everyone’s face.
Source: bettycrocker.com

2. Despicable Me Marshmallow Treat
Minion Marshmallow
Enjoy these fast and simple marshmallow treats with the help of your kids.
Source: rock-ur-party.tablespoon.com

3. Despicable Me Salsa
minion 3
This salsa is not only a tasty side dish, but also makes a great table topper.
Source: food.mamiverse.com

4. Despicable Me Candy Spoons
Easy to make and can be used for any occasion. Give this affordable treat a try!
Source: livinglocurto.com

5. Minion Cupcakes
minion 5
Manage to snag a few precious Twinkies? Put them to use with this really cute idea.
Source: tammileetips.com

6. Despicable Me Minion Bento Box
minion 6
Pack your kids’ lunch with this healthy alternative to spread the love of minions.
Source: vegsmoothiebunny.blogspot.com

7. Minion Cookies
Use Milano cookies and have your kids give you a helping hand with the decorating.
Source: pamspartyandpracticaltips.com

8. Despicable Me Cake Pops
minion 8
Can minions get any smaller? Either way, these are too cute to be eaten.
Source: bakerella.com

9. Despicable Me Push Up Cupcakes
minion 9
These push pops make cute decorations as well as a nice treat. If you’re not up for eating it at the moment, take it home!
Source: tonyastaab.com

10. Evil Minion Slushies
minion 10
We can’t forget about the evil minions. Turn their evilness into a nice chill slushy.
Source: tonyastaab.com

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