Illustration of cartoon toast and avocado.

Breakfast has been decreed the most important meal of the day. It kickstarts your morning and provides a dose of energy to carry you through lunch. But if you don’t like eating as soon as you wake up or if you’re just a late riser, you might fuse these two meals — breakfast and lunch — to enjoy a delicious brunch.

Brunch often gets a bad rap, seen as an expensive luxury or something only reserved for holidays like Mother’s Day or Easter. But the truth is, you can brunch whenever you want — and it doesn’t have to bust your grocery budget.

As part of our four-part series on budget-friendly meals, here are five affordable and easy brunch recipes to consider trying out.

Avocado toast

Yes, avocado toast — the controversial millennial breakfast staple (for some reason). However, this dish is also quick, easy and affordable. Depending on where you live, one avocado will probably cost around $1, and for this recipe, you only need to use half.

Mash the avocado with some lemon juice, a dash of salt and some red pepper flakes. Then, spread it on top of your toasted bread of choice, and you’re all set. You’ll have a quick meal in three minutes or less.

Try this Cooking Light avocado toast recipe.

Baked oatmeal

Baked oatmeal takes the hearty bowl of oatmeal we all know and remixes it into a chewy, fork-friendly square.

The best thing about this dish is that it mostly uses ingredients you likely have in your pantry — oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, olive oil and maple syrup (to name a few). You can then mix in any nuts or fruit you like. This prep only takes five minutes followed by 35-40 minutes in the oven, and then you’ll have breakfast for the entire week. You can even freeze the finished product and store it for later.

Try this baked apple oatmeal recipe from the Clean Eating Couple.

Hash brown casserole

This is a delicious, throw-everything-in-a-bowl recipe.

You can’t go wrong with hash brown casserole as long as you have salty, crusty, shredded potatoes as your base. Though this recipe requires about an hour of cooking time, it’s all hands-off and in the oven. Plus, the prep takes only a few minutes. Along with frozen shredded hash browns (that you do have to thaw beforehand), you’ll also need onions, chopped veggies, some breakfast meat, shredded cheese and butter. This is an affordable, indulgent breakfast that can easily feed your whole family.

Try this loaded hash browns casserole recipe from the Pennywise Mama.

Yogurt parfaits

If you’re looking for easy brunch recipes to add to your list, it can’t get any easier than a yogurt parfait. You can use either vanilla or plain Greek yogurt, add some fresh or frozen fruit, and top it off with chopped nuts or granola. A yogurt parfait usually only takes five minutes to make from start to finish. It’s also portable if you make it in a jar, so add this breakfast idea to your rotation for times when you only have a few minutes to spare before dashing out of the house.

Try this Food Network yogurt and fruit parfaits recipe.

Breakfast burritos

What’s breakfast or brunch without eggs?

Breakfast burritos are the ultimate grab-and-go morning meal. Like many of the other recipes on our list, you can create as many variations of this recipe as you’d like — as long as you start with a base of tortilla and scrambled eggs. Just grab some shredded cheese, your favorite breakfast sausage or bacon, chopped veggies, and some salt and pepper, and you have a delicious start to your day. If you want to keep things light, skip the cheese and meat and load up on veggies and black beans instead.

Try this Pillsbury breakfast burritos recipe.

Ready for a delicious brunch?

Brunch doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. From avocados and eggs to oats and frozen fruit or fresh veggies, all the ingredients on our list won’t break your grocery budget, and you can save even more by using our app for cash back offers.

What’s even better is that you can repurpose many of your ingredients for other morning meals. So, try out these five easy brunch recipes to mix things up and get your midday off to a delicious start.