Illustration of family at dinner table.

From New Year’s Eve to Christmas Day to Valentine’s Day to… well, pick your favorite holiday. We all have special days circled on calendars or in our minds that present opportunities to entertain and host a holiday dinner party. Those sorts of shindigs can get expensive, though. Quickly.

Whether you want to save money on decorations or serve a fancy feast without blowing your entire month’s food budget, here are a few tips to help you entertain your guests in style and keep your budget in check.

Check your closets for decorations

It can be fun to decorate your dining room and table, but don’t think you have to buy everything new. Check your closet or attic for decorations you already have, and reuse them in a fresh way. Seriously — seasonal decorations can be reused every year (and even repurposed for more than one holiday), and that doesn’t make them old and weird but rather nostalgic and traditional.

If you do want some new (to you) decorations, though, secondhand stores, estate sales and even hand-me-downs are wonderful ways to grow your collection. That’s a more sustainable way to decorate, too.

Host a potluck dinner

Hosting your best friends or extended family? Don’t assume that means you’re stuck with all the cooking! Even if you have historically cooked up a delicious meal, your guests might love to mix it up with a themed potluck. Ask your loved ones to bring their favorite dish. Or make a list of recipes you want, ask guests to randomly draw one, and then invite them to put their own spin on it.

There are many creative ways to divide and conquer a menu for a big dinner party. Sharing the yummy made-with-love responsibilities is an age-old tradition that can create plenty of warmth and conversation at any holiday gathering.

Create a unique menu

If you’re wondering how to host a holiday dinner party on a budget with you in the kitchen doing all the cooking, think outside the box with what you’ll serve. There are endless themes for menus. And if you choose a dish or two that aren’t in high demand for the season, you’ll save big on your budget and end up with a party that’s more unique than any others your guests may be attending.

For example, try a modern twist on traditional cuisines, like holiday grilled cheese with turkey or cranberry sauce. You could also incorporate traditional cultural dishes from around the world, like mincemeat pie, latkes, bibimbap or pho.

Check out sales and coupons to save a bundle on any big-ticket ingredients. Download our app for cash back offers you can activate right there in the supermarket aisle or before you head to the store. Either way, you’re bound to save.

Share the love and enjoy connecting

Whether you’re having a group of your closest friends over or you’re hosting a big family reunion, everyone is going to be happy to be together. That’s what holiday parties are all about after all — togetherness. Not expensive meals on expensive china surrounded by expensive decorations.